46 Inch Elo 4600L Interactive Digital Signage Display (IntelliTouch Single Point Touch, USB)

46 Inch Elo 4600L Interactive Digital Signage Display (IntelliTouch Single Point Touch, USB)

Part #: E960985

Shipping Weight:  110.00 lbs.

The Elo 4600L IDS Touchscreen Monitor has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

The suggested replacement is the Elo 4201L IDS Touchscreen Monitor.

 Click the red See It button to go to the Elo 4201L IDS Touchscreen Monitor category.  Elo 4201L IDS Touchscreen Monitor ET4201L

Elo 4600L Elo ET4600L Elo E960985 Widescreen Touch Monitor

Elo E960985 Interactive Digital Signage Display  ET4600L

4600L 46-Inch Interactive Digital Signage Display (IntelliTouch Plus Touch Technology, USB Interface, Clear Surface Treatment)

The Elo 4600L IDS touch display is more than a media player, more than a television and more than a consumer display.

Elo IDS touch displays enable increased customer engagement and metrics for out-of-home environments by adding an exciting new dimension to traditional broadcast digital signage - the power of touch.

For a sensitive, accurate touch response for two simultaneous touch locations, IntelliTouch Plus surface wave product technology utilizes three axes of touch information and supports finger, gloved hand and soft stylus activation. Its pure-glass construction delivers excellent imagery with high light transmissions, not affected by changes in ambient light. Housed in a highly durable steel chassis for a long-life of reliable performance, the 4600L with either technology is an efficient display canvas for almost any commercial, public access application.

The large-format, professional displays are not only attractive, but rugged enough to withstand the constant interactivity inherent in public access venues, such as retail, self-service, hospitality, transportation, education, and healthcare.

Built to last in public access environments, unlike typical consumer televisions or displays, Elo touch solutions offer a longer life and a richer digital signage experience.

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Elo Part Number  ET4600L-8UWA-0-GY-G   ET4600L8UWA0GYG