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A touch screen restaurant POS system is a popular component in many businesses. A touch screen restaurant POS system can greatly reduce the amount of time your staff spends in the kitchen and speed up the order process. The efficiency gains can be impressive. If a business with 20 tables and an average check of 45 dollars can increase turnover by one party per table that is an extra 900 dollars on a busy night. That adds up to a lot by the end of the year. Additional savings come from reduced shrinkage: servers can't provide complimentary food to friends without entering them in the touch screen restaurant POS system.

The Touch Window is a clear membrane device that is placed over the computer monitor screen. A touch window is available to fit 13, 15 and 17 inch monitors. This device allows for individuals to directly select items on the computer. This is a great device for young students just learning to operate a computer. To aid in pointing, this scratch resistant device can use either a finger (some disabled students may use their fists or side of hand) or a stylus. For students who have difficulty reaching up to the computer monitor, the touch window can be placed on the lap and used much like a graphics tablet.

A point of sale POS restaurant system can give you a new level of control over your restaurant operations, helping you increase efficiency, boost profits, and fine tune inventory management. Switching from a traditional cash register and paper based orders to a POS restaurant system can be hard, but the return on investment can really make it worth your time and effort. In the most basic sense, a POS restaurant system is a glorified cash register. The typical POS restaurant system station consists of a computer and cash drawer, a receipt printer, and a touch screen monitor. Most eateries have several such stations, with additional components depending on the type of business.

An industrial touch screen is a Windows software program that provides a powerful interface through a pointing device by providing inside keyboards, user programmable macros, and complete control over all computer functions. By allowing industrial touch screen systems to operate without the need for a physical keyboard, external templates, membranes, or buttons, it can provide the finishing touch on sealed systems that only requires the interface for user input. An industrial touch screen uses a concept found in fighter planes, helicopters, tanks, and automobiles. That concept is called heads up display technology and its principal objective is to keep the users focus and concentration centered in one place.

Patented external add on touchscreens are the perfect solution for home, office, school business, and government where a user friendly input device is needed. Add on touchscreens can be easily mounted on any monitor and used for any mouse driven application. They allow direct interaction with images for instant feedback. A mouse is more much difficult to use because it is distant from the monitor, and requires advanced eye hand coordination. Touchscreens are easy and simple to use. Touchscreens can help young children and exceptional children to start learning how to use computer without the difficulty of using the mouse.

A touch screen terminal makes it possible for users to work with minimal to no supervision. Many shopping malls have touch screen terminals to order products and to sell services. To view your images immediately there is no need for plugs, putting in and taking out media cards or navigating your way around data menu trees. Simply use your fingertips, and view your selections. A touch screen terminal can be used in an office, business or educational setting. They keep quick and accurate data for easy business flow. A touch screen terminal is a must have in the fast paced business world today.

Pos touch screens make it capable for you to use a computer without a mouse or pad. You simply move your finger across the screen and the mouse pointer moves with it. A computer mouse needs regular cleaning to prevent it sticking and is easily damaged or stolen. POS touch screens and computers can easily be built into custom cases so that only the screen can be seen. This makes POS touch screens ideal for public places. You don't even need a keyboard with many systems, as a software keyboard can be displayed on screen when a user needs to type in information. Many POS touch screens also come with hand writing recognition software so that your on screen writing can be converted to text.

The 1525L touchcomputer includes a choice of Elo's industry leading IntelliTouch surface wave or AccuTouch five wire resistive touch technologies. Integrated options include a three track magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and a rear facing customer display. Available as a solid state embedded system or with an integrated hard drive. It functions as desktop or wall mountable system. The Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP versions of the 1525L touchcomputer include a hard drive; the Windows CE .NET version has solid state components with no moving parts. Applications for the new all in one touchcomputer include loyalty systems, kiosk information systems, POS, and casino management.

POS equipment includes a barcode scanner. The Intermec 1470 is a handheld image scanner ideally suited for applications requiring two dimensional symbologies including Matrix and PDF417 or for linear bar codes that are difficult to read due to positioning. The 1470 can be configured to read multiple symbols within its field of view saving you time and increasing productivity. The rugged POS equipment scanner also reduces scanning errors with its laser aiming and framing capability. Laser aiming framing with the handheld 1470 allows users to quickly gauge the right depth of field for each scan. Squeeze the trigger to illuminate the bar code and activate the laser for a successful scan and reduced error time with this POS equipment.

A touch screen LCD monitor has a long lasting product cycle because the enclosure is controlled by exact specifications. Future panel improvements are therefore possible without any external changes. A touch screen LCD monitor is available with multiple technologies and all feature a unique, injection molded minibezel and watertight seal, plus a multitude of mounting options. They are designed to provide a single source selection of entry level touch screen LCD monitors, aimed at the fast changing consumer retail POS and hospitality POS markets. A touch screen LCD monitor can be activated with fingernails, gloves, credit cards, or any stylus.

Complete retail POS system packages include: ready to use point of sale system package with pos software, cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code scanner, pole display, computer, monitor, receipt printer paper, and software upgrades. There is a retail POS system package with or without organizer options. The Organizer organizes your cash drawer, keyboard, receipt printer, monitor, and pole display. All cables remain hidden within the organizer. Your cash drawer, keyboard, receipt printer, monitor, pole display, barcode scanner, all fit neatly and nicely into the organizer. Your customers will see a modern computerized retail POS system cash register on your counter.

Points of sale LCD touch screen monitors are perfect in applications where cost, rugged design, and flexibility are top criteria. These can handle harsh conditions, for example, liquid splashing, food and grease on the LCD touch screen, and aggressive cleaning are typical in convenience stores. This technology handles these conditions better than any other technology, at a competitive price. They are available with a standard pedestal base or a new easel base configuration. The easel base allows the user to adjust the screen to the optimal viewing height by extending the easel base on any flat surface. LCD touch screen models make work easy.

Touch screen monitors have superior image clarity, enhanced sensitivity; and are contamination resistant. Touch screen monitors have a transparent pressure sensitive membrane overlay capable of detecting your touch for mouse cursor movement, clicking, double clicking and dragging. Your finger or a stylus becomes the mouse control. These touch screen monitors have software menus that make work easy. You can track and control your entire operation with one of these systems. They come in both Serial ports for PC or USB for PC or MAC. Touch screen monitors allow you to directly interact with objects on the screen, click, double click, click and drag, and they are easier to use than a mouse.

POS systems enable users to collect sales information by using a Scanner, Touch Screen, or just entering the item codes manually. They are designed with the simplest operations in mind, and are a good fit for non sophisticated users at the front end, while allowing the inventory and accounting to be as complex as the business requires. Complete POS systems packages have ready to use point of sale package with pos systems software, cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code scanner, pole display, computer, monitor, receipt printer paper, and software upgrades. Point of Sale system packages with or without organizer options. The Organizer organizes your cash drawer, keyboard, receipt printer, monitor, and pole display. All cables remain hidden within the POS systems organizer.

A touch screen is a clear sheet of plastic with tiny sensors that detect pressure from either a finger tip or a pointing device. When these sensors are pressed, they perform the functions found with the traditional mouse; single click, double click and drag. A typical touch screen input system is basically an input device like a mouse or trackpad. A touch screen system is made up of a sensor, a controller card, and a software driver. Touch screen systems are being used in a variety of applications, including point of sale systems, public information displays, industrial control systems, and more. Home Page for POS Equipment