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Touch Screens, Inc. offers the widest selection of Touch Computers and Touch PC’s on the market. We have many different sizes of Touch Computers and Touch PC’s for sale on our website. Starting at 5.7” Touch Computers and Touch PC’s all the way up to 70”. We fit every need. Our prices are very competitive for the Touch PC and Touch Computer market.

You will find our Touch Computers in every vertical from Industrial to Medical to Point of Sale. The Touch PC has become the easiest way for users to learn and also to do away with the cumbersome keyboards and mice. Touch Computers can be purchased with a virtual keyboard, on-screen keyboards help with any text input when a keyboard isn’t available.

The Touch Computer contains all the main components into one slim designed package. The Touch PC can be upgraded to include most any Operating System. The majority of sold Touch Computers in the past have been with the Resistive Touch Technology. The future of the Touch PC shows an increase of other Touch Technologies such as IR or PCAP (projected capacitive) Touch Technologies. These Multi-touch Technologies are found inside some of the major brands of Touch Computers.

Touch PC computers have at least an ATOM based processor with minimal memory and hard drive. A Touch Computer can be optioned with an i5 processor or faster if needed. The housing of a Touch Computer can be made of thin gauge steel for industrial applications to ABS plastic on some of the Point of Sale versions of the Touch PC. Some ELO Touch Computers feature bezel free front for smooth across the face touch response. The Touch PC products are in stock and ready to ship, typically the same day and only a 2 day transit.

Touch PC and Touch Computers are traditionally fan-less designed with low powered processors so that they don’t generate too much heat within the Touch PC enclosure.

Most Touch Computer applications don’t utilize the Windows Gestures feature of zoom, pinch, flick or swipe. The Touch PC may replace the old desktop pc’s in the near future as prices continue to drop.

The Touch PC warranties are generally 3 years Parts and Labor, The Touch Computer can be installed with small space requirements such as in a wall or cabinet or kiosk. The Touch PC can be operated with a single power cord input, which makes the clutter of cabling found on desktop pc’s obsolete. The thin design of a Touch PC can be mounted on an ICW swing arm or Peerless Wall Mount bracket