Large Touch Screen Overlays

OptIR Large Infrared Touch Screen by Magic Touch Keytec Outdoor Touch Overlay Custom Size IR Touch Overlays
Indoor Infrared Touch Overlays Outdoor IP-65 Touch Overlays CUSTOM Size IR Touch Overlays

32" to 75"  Sizes
IR Multi-Touch 
Windows 10/11
Cost effective
10 Point Multi Touch

32" to 65"  Sizes
IR Multi-Touch 
Windows 10/11
10 Point Multi Touch
32" to 500"  Sizes
Windows, Linux, Mac
For Video Wall
6-16 Point Touch

Touch Overlay
These tough and scalable frame overlays transform any large display into a state-of-the-art interactive touch screen and whiteboard. Large Touch Screen Overlays attach to the front of your existing LCD or Plasma display monitor giving it instant touch interaction with all your program and Internet browsing.

Touch Overlays work with standard computers.  They do not work with Smart TVs
Large Touch Screen Overlays come in two types: 1) Specific Size models that fit only 1 specific Model and Brand of monitor and 2) Generic Touch Screen overlays that fit any standard monitor that has exactly that size of picture screen. Touch screens come with a USB cable that plugs into a computer or laptop.   Touch the screen and it sends a mouse click command to the computer.  It also converts double-touch and touch-and-drag commands into common mouse commands.

Touch Screen overlays incorporate sophisticated optical imaging technology and a robust design to provide a durable touch solution perfect for high-traffic public applications. The glass overlay preserves the displays optics and protects it from damage or abuse.  Touch frame overlays are easy to install and use, and are designed with a wealth of features to ensure long-lasting durability and functionality.

For Large Format Plasma and LCD Displays
Maximize your display and engage your audience with the perfect partner.  Touch Screens In's Add-On touchscreens are tough and scalable frame overlays converts any large LCD display into a professional interactive digital signage or exhibit touch screen station.

Interactive whiteboards are more versatile and engaging … and very easy to create. Just combine a Plasma Touch overlay and a large-format display with virtually any annotation software to create an interactive whiteboard.

  • Information Kiosks
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Military Command Center
  • Board Rooms
  • Digital Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Building Directories
  • Conferences
  • Kiosks
  • Interactive Education
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibits
  • Real Estate
Great protection, functionality, and ease in one package. Touch Screen Inc. overlays enable the seamless integration of computer applications and multimedia sources. Simply touch the display to control any computer application.  Emphasize key information by annotating and highlighting using just a finger or any pointing device.  Use the virtual eraser or the undo feature to wipe away mistakes.  Easily save the notes made on screen and e-mail them after the meeting is over. 

Our Large Touch Overlays are a simple technology and can be easily installed without the need to open the enclosure or void the display warranty. They connect through a HID-compliant USB interface.  NextWindow model is truly plug-and-play, and there are no proprietary drivers to install, ensuring compatibility with most software applications that utilize a standard mouse interface.
Touch Screen Overlay Features:

  • Ideal for plasmas, large-format LCDs, and projection displays
  • Standard sizes available and in stock for 26" to 82" inch sizes
  • 1 to 10 Point Simultaneous Touch
  • Functions in landscape or portrait modes
  • Annotate and highlight, erase mistakes, save notes, and more
  • Work directly on top of the picture using any annotation software or virtually any other software program
  • Select and navigate between computer applications and multimedia sources
  • Simple touch of a finger or any pointing device interacts directly with the screen images.
  • Easy driverless installation with simple plug-and-play set-up and operation (NextWindow)
  • Unsurpassed optics and resolution
  • No coatings.  Optics are preserved while providing a protective glass overlay to guard against damage
  • Self assessment feature “learns around” contaminants, dust, and incidental scratches
  • Durable, thick steel frame with welded corners completely protects unit and holds the glass securely
  • Full mouse functionality (including right mouse clicks)
  • Touch Screen Overlays work with standard computers and not Smart TVs