ELO 1525L IntelliTouch, Display, MSR HID, Win 2000, HDrive

ELO 1525L IntelliTouch, Display, MSR HID, Win 2000, HDrive

Part #: A84590-000

Shipping Weight:  23.00 lbs.

This model has been replaced by the Elo 15A2 Series Desktop Touchcomputers

The 1525L-MSR 3000 Series Entuitive desktop touchmonitor is based on the popular 1525L touchmonitor but includes an integrated three-stripe, ergonomically-placed magnetic stripe reader (MSR). The MSR is incorporated into the monitor housing and is designed to flow with the elegant styling of the monitor, rather than looking like a tacked-on afterthought. Available with a choice of touch technologies, the 1525L-MSR is targeted toward applications that require the use of credit/debit cards, loyalty cards, and other card transactions. Unlike most MSRs, the 1525L-MSR also reads the third data stripe, normally reserved for applications such as customer loyalty programs. Elo has positioned the MSR unit ergonomically on the top, right corner so that the user can swipe the card flat with a natural action. The USB version has an internal USB hub so that a single USB connection/cable carries both the touch interface signal and the MSR data.

Elo 1525L 3000 Series Entuitive Desktop Touchmonitor