Elo E932814 22 Inch Elo 2243L Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor Elo ET2243L

    Elo E932814 22 Inch Elo 2243L Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor Elo ET2243L

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    The Elo E932814 2243L has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    The recommended replacment is the Elo E059181.

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    Elo 2243L Open Fram Touch Screen Monitor

    Elo 2243L IntelliTouch Open Frame Touchmonitor, ET2243L E932814

    Elo 2243L IntelliTouch, SER/USB, Analog, Clear Glass, Open Frame, Needs P/S

    Elo 2243L ET2243L Open Frame Touchmonitor E932814

    The Elo TouchSystems 2243L open-frame LCD touchmonitor with its slim design and narrow outside dimensions gives kiosk integrators an edge in developing the most aesthetically pleasing products. Wide-aspect displays like the Elo 2243L are easier to use and incorporate than traditional open-frame touchmonitors. Wide-screen format displays allow extra content on the screen and are quickly becoming preferred in casino gaming, amusement and entertainment settings and are increasingly popular in public venue environments due to the high-definition cinematic-like experience. Typical applications for the 2243L include: gaming and amusement, information kiosks and self-service, as well as interactive digital signage applications.

    State-of-the-art LED backlighting used in the 2243L makes the panel thinner overall as the cold cathode fluorescent lights (CCFL) are replaced with LED lights. LED lights also take less electricity to operate and generate less heat. This leads to the slimmer dimensions of the 2243L that facilitate OEMs and system integrators the flexibility to design aesthetically pleasing and stylish kiosks.

    Available with either IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave touchscreen technology or Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR), the 2243L provides stable "drift-free" operation with outstanding image clarity, resolution, and light transmission - for an accurate touch response and vivid images. APR is the recent TE innovation that supports touch activation by any stylus - pen, glove, bare finger and fingernail, while IntelliTouch is the optical standard of touch and widely used in kiosk and gaming applications. Both are pure glass construction to deliver a clear, bright and long-lasting performance and it also makes the touchscreens scratch-resistant. It is nearly impossible to physically "wear out" these touchscreens.

    Condition: Brand new with original manufacturer warranty. Most items in stock.

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