19 Inch Elo 1919L Desktop Touch Screen Display (APR Technology) Black

    19 Inch Elo 1919L Desktop Touch Screen Display (APR Technology) Black

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    The Elo 1919L products have been discontinued by the manufacturer.
    The suggested replacement is the Elo 2002L Desktop Touch Screen Monitor.  Elo 2002L Desktop Touch Screen Monitor

    Elo 1919L 19

    Elo 1919L 19" Desktop Touch Screen Display ET1919L E459829   

    Elo 1919L 19" LCD Desktop Touch Screen Display (APR Technology) Black

    The Elo 1919L desktop touch screen display is a wide-screen display that is easier to use and incorporate into more environments than traditional desktop touchmonitors. It allows extra content on the screen and is well-suited for corporate environment uses such as spreadsheets, publishing, and dual-window applications.

    The Elo 1919L is available in five industry-leading Elo touch technologies: zero-bezel APR, which senses touch on the display by recognizing the unique pattern of sounds, standard-bezel IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave, zero-bezel AccuTouch 5-wire resistive, zero-bezel iTouch surface acoustic wave which combines the pure-glass surface of IntelliTouch with the stylish glass-to-edge design of APR and projected capacitive (PCAP) for superior optical performance.

    Elo ET1919L-AUWA-1-GY-G   ET1919LAUWA1GYG

    When ordering this item, use this part number: E459829


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