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Product Update  

 Elo Touch Through Glass

We are pleased to share the latest product update to all Elo TouchPro PCAP large format touchscreen displays - support for touch-through glass capability. This includes the 02-Series (3202L, 4202L, 4602L, 5502L) and 43-Series (3243L, 4343L, 5543L) product lines. With new emerging applications including interactive display storefronts, environmentally sealed & secured enclosures and specialized outdoor installations, touch-through glass capability is essential. Dual touch performance can be realized with 6 mm of additional cover glass (with no air gap).
No hardware changes are involved in implementing this capability. All that is needed is to download the software utility and touch-through firmware files on our download page in the support section of the Elo website.


Part Number Product Description
Touch Through
Firmware File
(Direct Downloads)
Upgrade Utility OS
E304029 32" 3243 PCAP Touch SW602604

Upgrade Utility

Upgrade Instructions

Windows 7 or
Windows 10
E220574 43" 4343 PCAP Touch SW602605
E220046 55" 5543 PCAP Touch SW602593
E222371 32" 3202 PCAP Touch SW602603
E222372 42" 4202 PCAP Touch SW602592
E222373 46" 4602 PCAP Touch SW602591
E218562 55" 5502 PCAP Touch SW602590