Elo Edge Connect

Elo Edge Connect Lets You do More!

Built with versatility in mind, Elo's Edge Connect offers a wide assortment of peripheral options. Whether for endless aisle, self-order or  collaboration applications, you can seamlessly attach any combination of up to four peripherals to the edge of the touchscreen creating a bespoke solution. And, you can add or move them later as your needs change!

Elo Edge Connect Elo Barcode Readers Elo Edge Connect Elo EMV Cradles Elo Edge Connect Elo MSR Credit Card Reader Elo Edge Connect Elo Biometric Fingerprint Reader
Barcode Scanner EMV Cradle MSR Fingerprint Reader
Elo Edge Connect Elo RFID Readers Elo E534879 Temperature Sensor Pro for I-Series Android/Windows, 02-Series Elo Edge Connect Elo Webcam Elo E673037 Edge Connect RFID Reader 
NFC Temperature Sensor Pro Webcam RFID Readers

Compatible Products

Elo's Edge Connect offers versatility among a variety of Elo touchscreen products.

Elo Edge Connect Elo I-Series Touch Computers Elo Edge Connect Elo Large Touch Screen Computers Elo Edge Connect Elo Interactive Display Signage Elo Edge Connect Elo S- Series Touch Computers
Touch Computers
(Android or WIndows)
Touch Signage
Touch Monitors
Touch Computers
3 to 4 Micro USB Ports
(varies by model)
4 Micro USB Ports
3 to 4 Micro USB Ports
(varies by model)
3 Micro USB Ports


Create Your Solution
Self Service Checkout Elo Status Light
Elo Wallaby Countertop Self Service Stands Elo Edge Connect Status Light
Wallaby Countertop Stand
22" I-Series (Android or Windows)
EMV & barcode scanner
Edge Connect Status Light
with Micro USB Connectivity