How Do you Measure a Touch Screen


How do you measure a Touch Screen?
Here is how to buy the right size touchscreen for your LCD, Laptop or Notebook computer display monitor.
Important:  Measure your monitor screen diagonally to correctly ensure proper fit of your touchscreen.
Do you have a WideScreen or Standard size?  Find the best fit for your notebook or LCD touch screen.
How To Measure Touch Screen Sizes
Note:  Be sure to measure only the viewable screen area.
The bezel or frame is NOT measured for Viewable Area. 
  Only the picture area is used to caculate the proper touch screen size.
How to measure touch screen glass kits for LCD displays
Compare monitor's view area (VW x VH) with the active area of the touch screen.  It is ok if the touch screen's active area is slightly larger than the monitor's view area.

Compare monitor's outside size (OW x OH)  with that of the touch screen.  These dimensions are not critical to the functionality of the touch screen.  It only affects the appearance.

The touch screen's active area can be larger, but not smaller, than the display's viewable area.

How to measure Internal built-in touch screen glass sensors
  Internal OEM touch screen kits:
  • Touch screen ACTIVE AREA must be as large (or larger) than monitor viewable area.
  • Touch screen outside area may be restricted by size of bezel or frame.
  • Allow 1/4" extra depth for adding internal touch screen (1/8" touch glass + 1/8" mounting tape)
Buy Add-On INTERNAL touch screen kits (quick link)
Buy Add-On EXTERNAL touch screen kits (quick link)
CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors are measured differently.  Some of the tube is behind the bezel so add approximately 1 inch to the diagonal measurement to get the correct sized touch screen.  1 Inch = 25.4 mm


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