Elo Touch Computer Power Supplies and Power Bricks


Power Supplies and Power Bricks for Elo Touch Computers

AC Power Cord Black ELO Power Supply Brick for Touch Screens ELO Power Supply Brick for Touch Screens ELO Power Supply Brick for Touch Screens
AC Power Cable
(RoHS) for Power Brick
12V DC Power Brick
1215L 1715L 1725L 1727L 1746L
1747L 1739L 1749L 1915L 1939L

12V DC Power Brick
1229L 1522L 1528L 1529L
12V DC Power Brick
ELO 1515L 1224L 1537L
ELO Power Supply Brick for Touch Screens ELO Power Supply Brick for Touch Screens Elo E448730 Power Supply Brick for Touchmonitors  
12V DC Power Brick & Cable
for Open-Frame Elo Touch
1519L 1537L 1919L 1938L
 19V DC Power Brick
for Elo X3/X5/X7 Computers
MEDICAL External Power Brick
for Elo 1528L
 Click  Part # Name     Price
C32542-000 Elo Power Supply for the Elo 1224L $50.00
E54714-000 Elo Power Supply Brick $75.96
E61011-000 Elo Power Supply (for the 630062-000) $10.68
E409391 Elo External Power Brick 12V/240W/ 20A For Elo B Series TouchComputer $88.40
E005277 Elo Power Brick and Cable Kit for Several Elo Products (Click Part Number for List) - E005277 $22.95
E806884 Elo External Power Brick 12VDC, 12.5A, 150W 8-pin Molex Connector, power cord included, Elo B and C Series AIO - Elo E806884 $56.95
E448370 Elo External Power Brick, Medical Grade for Elo 1528L, 1926L, 1928L, 1947L - Elo E448370 $56.95
E785134 Elo Power Brick for L-Series, 12V, 4.16A, 50W-R - Elo E785134 $45.90
E887099 Elo Power Brick and Cable LVL 5 Argentina, 12V, 4.16A, 50W-R - E887099 $17.66
E211174 Elo Power Brick Kit - 1.8m Power Cable Elo E211174 $31.59
E348315 Elo 12V DC Power Brick (with Cable) for Elo Touch Screens 12V, 4.16A, 50W 1537L, 1739L, 1919L, 1937 $25.00 Call Us
D99092-000 Elo Power Brick (for the Elo 1947L and Elo 1925L) - D99092-000 $22.55 Call Us
E210973 Elo Power Brick Kit - 3m Power Cable Elo E210973 $40.95
E395350 Elo E395350 Replacement Power Brick, 65W, 15E2, E Series Touchcomputers $24.57
E394965 Elo E394965 Replacement DC Power Brick for X3/X5/X7 Computers: 19V/150W DC power brick $69.05
E511842 Elo E511842 Power Adapter, I-Series, Android, 19V $38.62
E275433 Elo E275433 Power Module Kit for IDS 02 Series $113.51
E059025 Elo E059025 External Power Brick - 19V/65W for Elo I-Series $22.23
E059701 Elo E059701 External Power Brick - 19V/150W for Elo I-Series $35.10
E480320 Elo E480320 1900L and 2200L 12VDC Power Brick for Americas $18.70


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