Elo Touch Screen and Elo Touch Computer Peripherals

The Elo TouchSystems All-in-One touchcomputer platform simply provides in a compact design, more flexibility with a choice of configuration and connectivity options, more serviceability with easy access to key components, and more processing power.  In addition, a wide array field-installable peripherals, spill-resistant sealing, and a selection of input/output port connection options make the Elo TouchSystems All-in-One touchcomputer platforms both versatile and powerful.  It is designed with the future in mind, allowing easy field serviceability of all of the main components.
 Click  Part # Name     Price
E763313 Modem Card Kit, 56K, PCIE for B Series Touchcomputers - Elo E763313 $40.66
E145919 Elo E145919 MSR Credit Card Reader Kit, for the D- Series All-In-Ones - Elo E145919 $50.74
35107-000 Elotouch SAW Serial internal 2500S controller card Elo 35107- 000 $154.00
E497758 3200L Foam, Top Right - Elo E497758 $4.69
E577246 3200L Carton Top - Elo E577246 $11.70
E605751 3200L Foam, Top Left - Elo E605751 $4.69
E821643 3200L Foam Bottom - Elo E821643 $5.85
E900092 3200L Carton Bottom - Elo E900092 $5.85
E351000 Beige 2 x 20 VFD Customer Display for 1729, 17A2, 15A2 - Elo E351000 $201.28
E597623 160GB HD Kit, for 15D and 17D Series Touchcomputers - Elo E597623 $119.57
E946856 Elo Barcode Scanner, 1-D for the 15D1 - Elo E946856 $234.05 Call Us
E192833 Elo Hard Drive 80GB Upgrade Kit $102.00
E570376 Elo Compact Flash 1GB Upgrade Kit $40.00
E007783 Elo Compact Flash 2GB Upgrade Kit $110.00
E304301 Customer Display, 2x20 VFD Dark Gray $198.00 Call Us
E383216 Elo RAID Controller PCI-E Card Kit - Elo E383216 $35.31
E001003 Elo E001003 VFD Customer Display for Elo X-Series and Elo M-Series Elo E001003 $112.76
E001004 Elo E001004 NFC RFID Kit for Elo I-Series, X-Series and Elo M-Series $160.12
E001006 Elo E001006 Expansion Module Kit for Elo X-Series, Black $68.78
E038989 Elo E038989 Rear Facing Customer Display Pole Mount Kit for Elo X-Series $92.46
E122229 Elo E122229 MSR 3 Track Encryptable, Single Sided for Elo E-Series $56.38
E122426 Elo E122426 Rear Facing Customer Display 2X20 VFD, for E-Series $103.74
E047864 Elo E047864 18 Inch Pole Mount Kit for I-Series and M-Series $126.30
E047663 Elo E047663 12 Inch Pole Mount Kit for I-Series and M-Series $107.12
E047458 Elo E047458 6 Inch Pole Mount Kit for I-Series and M-Series $91.34


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