Mimo MOT-21580CH 21.5" Outdoor Touch Display with Android

Mimo MOT-21580CH 21.5" Outdoor Capacitive Touch Display
  • Android 8.1 player RK-3288
  • 1920x1080 Resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Wi-Fi built in, Bluetooth
  • 1500-nit brightness (LCD panel)
  • 10 point multi-touch capacitive touch panel
  • Windows and Linux HID support (MAC coming soon)
  • High quality panel with 85/85/85/85 viewing angle
  • VESA 100mm mounting
  • HDMI input with USB for touch
  • All aluminum housing designed specifically for outdoor 24/7

Mimo MOD-21580CH 21.5" Outdoor Capacitive Touch Display

Mimo MOT-21580CH 21.5" Outdoor Capacitive Touch Display with Android

Mimo Monitors is proud to introduce the first in a line of small format touch displays designed for optimum outdoor performance. Durable, reliable, and beautifully vibrant, this small format outdoor display is available with or without an Android player and works at an extended temperature range, from -20F to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal year round, no matter the temperature.

To protect from the elements ranging from water, moisture, sand, dust and insects this commercial display is IP65 rated, allowing for hard use in nearly every weather condition. With 1500 nits of light, this display offers stunning, clear, crisp, and easy to see visuals both in sunlight and ambient lighting. For added impact the light sensor adjusts the display’s brightness during cloudy days and at nighttime to optimize power consumption and ensure an ideal viewing experience. The Mimo Outdoor High Bright Displays are the perfect digital signage for amusement parks, sports arenas, quick service restaurant order, outdoor kiosks, gas stations, and many more commercial applications.