15 Inch Unytouch Firebox Touch Screen Display

New Unytouch 15 Inch Color Desk Top or Wall Mount Touch Screen Display   Starts at $ 329

15 Inch Unytouch Firebox Desktop Touch Screen Display

  • Drop in replacement for Elo 1515L (Serial only)
  • 5 wire resistive or surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch
  • Dual USB/Serial Controller
  • High bright / contrast TFT LCD
  • Stable cable management base
  • Accurate, cost effective touch technology
  • Attractive, slim profile increases work space
  • U-Mount base ensures stable mounting system
  • Nova LCD Technology provides clear and bright images
  • Optional 3 track MSR
  • ESP touch sensors delivers fast, accurate touch response
  • 3 year depot warranty

15 Inch Unytouch Firebox Desktop Touch Screen Display

15 Inch Unytouch FireboxDesktop Touch Screen Display

Experience quality and design in our latest 15” LCD display.  Attractive, slim, space saving design of the Econo 15” LCD touch screen incorporates a bright high contrast LCD Display , with wide viewing angles improving image quality. Comes standard with USB touch interface and attractive price point.