20-23 inch LCD Touch Screen Displays

20 Inch Elo 2002L Desktop Touch Screen Monitor Elo 2202L 22" Touchmonitor Elo 2203LM 22" Touchmonitor MicroTouch DT-215P-A1 Touch Screen Display
19.5" Elo 2002L Desktop 21.5" Elo 2202L TouchMonitor 21.5" Elo 2203LM TouchMonitor 21.5" MicroTouch DT-215P-A1
ViewSonic 22 Inch Full HD LED Touchmonitor 22 Inch GVision D22ZD Projected Capacitive POS Touch Screen Monitor GVision C22BD PoE Commercial CCTV Monitor  MicroTouch DT-215P-M1 Touch Screen Display
22" ViewSonic TD2223
Projected Capacitive
CCTV Monitor (Non Touch)
21.5" MicroTouch DT-215P-M1 
Elo 2094L 20 Inch Open Frame Touch Screeen Monitor Elo 2294L 22 Inch Open Frame Touch Screeen Monitor Elo 2295L 21.5 Inch Open Frame Touch Screeen Monitor MicroTouch OF-215P-B1 Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor
19.5" Elo 2094L Open Frame 21.5" Elo 2294L Open Frame 21.5" Elo 2295L Open Frame  21.5" MicroTouch OF-215P-B1
ViewSonic TD2223 22 Inch Full HD LED Touchmonitor 22 Inch GVision O22AD Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor TPK K21A-0311 21.5 Inch Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor Outdoor Kiosk Computers
22" ViewSonic TD2230 22" GVision O22AD
Open Frame
Slim Line
Touch Screen Display
21.5 Inch Mimo M21580C-OF Open Frame Touch Display 21 Inch Open Frame PCAP IP65 Touch Screen Monitor 21.5 Inch Posiflex HC1021 Touch Screen Infotainment Terminal 21.5 Inch Posiflex HC2021 Touch Screen Infotainment Terminal
21.5" Mimo M21580C-OF 21" PCAP IP65
Infotainment Terminal
Infotainment Terminal
21.5 Inch TWAP-TWEN-E224 Industrial Steel Enclosure Touch Screeen Monitor EPC-C211A 21.5" Outdoor Touch Kiosk PC with Android 5.1, Projected Capacitive Touch, 1500 nits 22 Inch Touch Dynamic Edge Kiosk  
Edge kiosk
Mimo MOD-21580CH 21.5" Outdoor Capacitive Touch Display, IP65 Rated, 1500 Nits, 3.5mm Audio, HDMI 21 Inch IP67 Stainless Steel Touch Screen Monitor MicroTouch Slimline Kiosk Touch Screen Monitors  
Outdoor Touch Display
Stainless Steel
21.5" Microtouch SK-215P-A1  

POS Touchmonitors and Touch Displays

Desktop touchmonitors offer a quick and simple way to add touch capability to an existing system. Multifunction desktops offer integrated or add-on peripherals, such as magnetic stripe readers, customer displays, fingerprint readers, speaker bars, and/or barcode scanners. Some touchmonitors are designed specifically for the medical market.