Elo Touch Screens and Elo TouchMonitors

Elo Touch Screen Display and Elo Touch Screen Monitors

Elo 1215L Desktop Touchmonitor
12" Elo 1215L
Elo 1515L Desktop Touchmonitor
15" Elo 1515L
Elo 1517L Desktop Touchmonitor
15" Elo 1517L
Elo 1519L Desktop Touchmonitor
15" Elo 1519L
Elo 1523L 15 Inch Touch Screen Monitor
15" Elo 1523L
Elo 1528L Medical Desktop Touchmonitor
15" Elo 1528LMedical
Elo 1529L Desktop Touchmonitor
15" Elo 1529L
Elo 1715L Desktop Touchmonitor
17" Elo 1715L
Elo 1717L Desktop Touchmonitor
17" Elo 1717L
Elo 1723L 17 Inch Touch Screen Monitor
17" Elo 1723L
Elo 1729L Desktop Touchmonitor
17" Elo 1729L
Elo 1900L Desktop Touchmonitor
19" Elo 1900L
Elo 1915L Desktop Touchmonitor
19" Elo 1915L
Elo 1919L Desktop Touchmonitor
19" Elo 1919L

Elo 1919LM Medical Desktop Touch Monitor ET1919LM
19" Elo1919LM

Elo 1928L Medical Desktop Touchmonitor
19" Elo 1928L Medical

Elo 2200L Desktop Touchmonitor
22" Elo 2200L

Elo 2201L Desktop Touchmonitor
22" Elo 2201L
Elo 3220L Desktop Touchmonitor
32" Elo 3220L
Elo 4220L Desktop Touchmonitor
42" Elo 4220L
Elo 0700L 7 Inch Touch Display
7" Elo 770L


Digital Signage Touch Displays offer versatility across multiple market segments by engaging the user through interactivity with the software. High Definition touch screens.  Aspect-ratio, 16:9  (also available with COMPUTER)
Elo 3201L 32 Inch Interactive Digital Signage Touch Screen Display (IDS) ET3201L Elo 4201L ET4201L 42 Inch Large Touch Screen Monitor ET4201L
Elo TouchSystems 5501L Large Touch Screen Display (IDS) ET5501L
Elo TouchSystems 7001L Large Touch Screen ET7001L
32" Elo 3201 42" Elo 4201 55" Elo 5501L 70" Elo 7001L


Industrial Open-frame touchmonitors offer many mounting options (front/panel-mount, rear-mount, rack-mount, or VESA-mount).  Aspect-ratios 4:3 and 5:4
Elo 1247L Industrial Open Frame Touchmonitor
12" Elo 1247L
Elo 1537L Industrial Open Frame Touchmonitor
15" Elo 1537L
Elo 1739L Industrial Open Frame Touchmonitor
17" Elo 1739L
Elo 1930L 19-inch Open Frame Touchmonitor ET1930L
19" Elo 1930L
Elo 1931L 19-inch Open Frame Touchmonitor ET1931L
19" Elo 1931L

Elo 1937L 19-inch Open Frame Touchmonitor ET1937L
19" Elo 1937L 

 Elo 1939L 19-inch Open Frame Touchmonitor ET1939L
19" Elo 1939L


Elo Open Frame Touch Screen Wide-aspect-ratio, including 16:9 and 16:10
Elo 1541L Open Frame LCD Touchmonitor
15" Elo 1541L
Elo 1938L Industrial Open Frame Touchmonitor
19" Elo 1938L
Elo 1940L Open Frame Touchmonitor ET1940L
19" Elo 1940L
Elo 2243L Industrial Open Frame Touchmonitor
22" Elo 2243L
Elo 2244L Industrial Open Frame Touchmonitor
22" Elo 2244L
Elo 2740L 27 Inch Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor ET2740L
Elo 3201L 32 Inch Touch Screen Monitor
Elo 3209L 32 Inch Digital Signage Touch Screen Display ET3209L Elo 3243L Industrial Open Frame Touchmonitor
 27" Elo 2740L 32" Elo 3201L 32" Elo 3209L 32" Elo 3243L  
Elo Touch Screen Parts and Accessories
Elo Parts Accessories        


Elo Bundled Solutions
Elo ETT10A1 Retail POS Tablet Computer
Elo Virtual Receptionist Solution E000285 Elo Digital Whiteboard Solution E000283
Elo ETT10A1 Retail Tablet Elo Virtual Receptionist Solution Elo Digital Whiteboard Solution
Elo PayPoint All-in-One Electronic Cash Register E000134 Elo Directory Solution E827644  Elo Corporate Collaboration Solution E000282
Elo PayPoint All-in-One Elo Directory Solution  Elo Corporate Collaboration Solution




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