How Touch Screens Work

Touch Screens work  instantly  with  All  programs - Just like a mouse .
    Simply touch the screen to respond, explore or create with your computer.
    Choose menu items, press buttons, move objects - simply by touching the screen.

  touch screens are external frames with a clear see-through touch screen.
    They mount outside onto the monitor bezel.  They have a controller built into their frame.
    Some require power from a wall connection, others tap into the keyboard power.

touch screens are internal, heavy-duty touch screens mounted directly onto the
    LCD monitor or on the CRT tube.  We offer both internal and external controllers
    (recommended for easy to swap out).
    Optional Bus Card available  (for Interrupts 1-15).

Drivers included:
Vista, Win XP, Win 95/98, Win 3.x, WfW, DOS, NT, Macintosh, Amiga, Linux, OS/2, XP, etc.

DB9 Serial port (or USB port) for DOS, Windows, NT, Unix, Linux, XP.
    MAC's connect via an ADB port (no power cord).   Amigas connect to game port.



Acoustic Wave


Activation: Pressure sensitive Wave aborption Human body electricity
Antiglare: Minimal Medium Clear, Light-Etch, Etched
Clarity: Medium Best Minimal, Medium, Best
Damaged by: Very sharp objects Glass - breakable Glass coating wears out
Can handle dirt:
Good Poor Best
Made with: Hardened acrylic plastic Glass with coatings Glass with coatings
Durability (MTBF): 15 million touches 30 million touches 60 million touches
Warranty: 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
Works with: Finger, glove, stylus Finger, glove,soft stylus Finger
  Best  Price Best  Clarity Most  Durable

Add-On touch screens are Resistive type.
Built-In touch screens can be Resistive, Wave or Capacitive.


How To Build Touch Screen Diagram

OEM Kits Available  ( Do It Yourself )

    Touch Screen Strengths:

  • Convenience of push button control
  • Easy enough for a child to use
  • All output and inputs are done through one device (no time consuming looking back-and-forth)
  • 3-5 times faster than a speeding mouse
  • Natural - Direct
  • No dragging mouse to each starting point
  • More intuitive than other input devices (everyone knows how to use their finger to point and push buttons).
  • Lasts (2-5 times) longer than a mouse.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No training needed (push button control)
  • Unclutters desk (no mouse or keyboard needed)
  Tech Support can be simple.
   Adding a touch screen is like adding a super mouse.
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 Prospective Customers
 Touch is used virtually everywhere.
 Acts like a Mouse.
 Touch Screen works with All programs.
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