Troubleshooting Elo Touchscreens

Known Issues with Elo Touch Screens

"No Elo touchmonitor found" Error Message

Touchmonitors with the combo (dual serial/USB) interface require the latest drivers. If you are replacing an existing installation or installing a driver from an older TouchTools CD and get the error message "No Elo touchmonitor found," you should update your touchscreen driver with one from the Driver and File Downloads page.

Missing HID File

If the Human Interface Device (HID) is not listed in Device Manager after a USB touchmonitor is connected -
  • Make sure a file named mouhid.sys is in the \windows (or winnt) \system32\drivers folder
    • The file will be missing if a USB mouse has never been connected to the system
    • If the file is not there, connect a USB mouse to the system or copy mouhid.sys from another system
    • Once mouhid.sys is in the proper location, remove and reinstall the touch drivers
  • Possible: Missing or corrupted HID files ("Error installing mouse" when installing the HID Drivers, and also a yellow "!" in Device Manager under Mouse). Check that all of the following files are present in the \\winnt\system32\drivers folder:
    • Hidusb.sys
    • Hidclass.sys
    • Hidparse.sys
    • Mouhid.sys
      If all the files are there, try replacing them with the same files from a known good system. It is suggested that you save the original files in a backup directory.

Enabling Automatic Logon  (no keyboard required)

      Windows XP

      Windows 2000

Touch cannnot be held longer than 10 seconds

By default, the driver generates an untouch after 10 seconds of constant touch. The untouch time-out can be changed by modifying a registry key as explained below.
IntelliTouch controllers have a built-in two minute untouch time-out. This time-out will override any registry time-out value if the registry value exceeds 120 seconds (120000 milliseconds).

To Change the Time-Out Time

Run regedit or regedt32 (click Start, select Run, enter regedit)
Drill down to
    • SYSTEM
      • CurrentControlSet
        • Enum
          for serial controllers:
          • SERENUM
            • ELOSERIAL
              • *******
                • Device Parameters
          for USB controllers:
          • HID
            • VID_04e7&PID_xxxx
              • ********
                • *****************
                  • Device Parameters
NOTE: The "******" entries are id numbers used by the Windows operating system
  • Double-click the UntouchTimeOut key
    • The Edit DWORD Value dialog box opens
  • Click the Decimal radio button
    • Value displays in decimal (default: 10000)
  • Enter the delay time in milliseconds
    • 60000 is 60 seconds
Exit regedit when done. Shut down and restart the machine; a restart is required before the setting will take effect.

Vista:  TouchTools CD, Windows Vista Driver Installation Issues

Installation from the TouchTools CD

Revision T and earlier of the Elo TouchTools driver CD did not have MS Windows Vista support. If a Revision T or earlier CD was used to try to install the touchscreen drivers, the Windows NT driver was installed by default on the computer and it is not compatible with Windows Vista. See information below for removal of the NT driver and installation instructions for Windows Vista.
Windows NT driver removal procedure:
  • Click the Start button
  • Select Control Panel
  • Double-click Programs & Features
  • Double-click MonitorMice for Windows NT
  • Click YES
  • Reboot the computer to complete the driver removal
The above process removes the registry entries and the files from the EloWinNT folder.
  • To remove the EloWinNT folder, delete it manually.
  • To remove the EloNT folder and all its files, delete the folder manually.
  • See the file list below for additional file locations; these files may also be removed manually.
The following files can be found on the c: drive after an installation from the TouchTools CD.

File Directory Size Date
monmouse.cpl \windows\system32 565K 8/12/99
monmouse.sys \windows\system32\drivers 27K 9/23/99
elocal32.exe \windows\system32 95K 9/23/99
mmstub.sys \windows\system32\drivers 8K 8/11/99
mmuninst.isu \elowinnt 32K 12/14/98
readme.txt \elowinnt 8K 10/19/99
zaxis.exe \elowinnt 36K 9/10/98
comdump.exe \elowinnt\diags 7K 7/2/98
sawdump.exe \elowinnt\diags 15K 7/2/99

After following the above steps, proceed with Windows Vista driver installation.
Download the Vista driver from the Driver and File Downloads page.