Professional vs Consumer Brand Displays

 NEC P462 46 Inch LCD Touch Screen Display  KTLC-420OT 42" Open Frame LCD Touch Monitor
Industrial, Rugged, Built to Last 24/7 Consumer Residential TV Cheap-Quality


Operating Hours / Display Failure Burn-in & Image Retention Designed to withstand long operating hours, Fans are built into the panels to manage heat from equipment and allow for long-term use.  Some are built for use in environments up to 24/7/365

Designed for use in landscape mode for a limited number of hours per day at room temperature.

With standard features, extended use will cause burn-in and image retention and overall failure.

Warranty Generally multi-year and on-site Tend to revert to 90 days when used in a commercial application, or worse, become null & void
Mounting Security

Landscape & Portrait mode

Locking Mount controls, as well as panel protection in many cases

Landscape only - if use in portrait mode the heat generated cannot be supported and the panel will quickly lose functionality

Not all consumer panels are VESA compliant.
May require optional mounting brackets

Appearance Longevity Cosmetic Design Box & bezel consistent over series, even with updates to maintain a standard image appearance Updated every 6-9 months.  Bezel and size will change and will not match older models.  This poses challenges for maintaining continuity in video wall solutions when a single display needs to be replaced
Multiple Feeds Support Will accept/recognize all PC resolutions as well as TV/video resolutions Designed for TV/video formats with limited PC resolutions
Inputs & Connectors RS-232 with PC & Video loop through connectors for multiple display configuration from single PC or video source, and includes industrial BNC locking connectors, necessary for video walls. Minimal
Tilt Some models (depending on size) can offer tilting abilities greater than 20° Cannot tilt more than ½° or risk heavy glass compromising the housing of the panel and causing severe damage
Digital Signage Many professional panels offer built-in media players and all-in-one simple solutions

Very little flexibility with messaging capabilities

Built in media players are not an option