How Touch Screens Work Like a Mouse

TOUCH SCREENS are 3-5 faster than a mouse.

ALL  mouse compatible program are already TOUCHable.

Our Touchscreens seamlessly work with your programs and applications.  When touched, they send a mouse command to the computer.
A double-touch is a double-click, and touching and dragging your finger is the same as a click-and-drag.  Simply make your program "mouse-compatible" and it is automatically TOUCH compatible. 

You can design  programs with push buttons, selectable objects, slide bars, double-click menu items, areas for signatures, drawing, tracing ... anything will work.

YES, our touchscreens can be used with a mouse at the same time.

Just like mice, each input device has to be plugged into a separate serial port and use different interrupts.  Our Macintosh version plugs into an ADB port. 

Resolution is over 1 million touchable reference points (1024 x 1024 grid).  Our touch screens are extremely accurate.

Our TouchWindow attaches to your serial port (like a mouse) and loads a mouse driver program (12k memory).  It's mouse drivers allow the TouchWindow to work with anything mouse compatible (thousands of DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Apple, and Amiga, NT programs).  Or, you can write your own drivers and intercept the X,Y coordinates directly.

ADD-On Touch Screens

Our ADD-ON's easily attach onto front of your existing monitor 
(5 minutes).  The TOUCHWINDOW (Add-On) is a marvelous device that allows users to interact directly with images on the screen.  The user can choose, drag-and-drop, or double-click on objects just by using their finger on the screen.  Over 50,000 sold.  Fits 10-21" screens.  We also have Laptop versions.

Instantly works with all computer programs.  Life expectancy is 15 million touches continuously in one spot (about 4-5 years of constant usage).  We have optional Overlay Sheets made of Acetate plastic which will protect and add life to the TouchWindow Add-On screen.

BUILT-In Touch Screens

Our BUILT-In touch screens are industrially rugged.  A glass Touch Screen surface can be added inside of any computer screen or LCD you request.  Pre-built models include SAMPO and CTX high performance SVGA 14-28" sizes.  5 YEAR WARRANTY on touchscreen, controller, cables, software.  Mean time between failure is 60 million touches.

Mouse-compatible-drivers available for Win 98, Win 95, DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Windows-for-Workgroups, Amiga, Apple, NT, OS/2, UNIX, and Linux.. 

Touch Screens are GREAT products for multi-media applications, training, Kiosks, restaurants, classrooms, handicapped, real-estate, executive information systems, malls, POS and much much more.