Elo SecureTouch Technology

Flat-screen SecureTouch products are made of extra-tough glass substrates that resist vandalism. These touchscreens incorporate the solid-glass and coating-free construction of Elo's proven IntelliTouch products.

Elo SecureTouch Technology

SecureTouch technology data sheet (117K PDF)

SecureTouch Benefits

  • No coatings or overlays to wear, scratch, or tear
  • High impact resistance
  • Tempered, heat or chemically strengthened glass
  • Safe break pattern (tempered only)
  • Sizes from 10.4 inches to 18.0 inches
  • Thicknesses of 0.25 inch (6 mm) and 0.50 inch (12 mm) 
  • Antiglare glass option (0.25-inch thickness only)
  • Sealable against dust, splashing liquids, and other contaminants
  • Privacy filter option for applications involving sensitive information (e.g., ATM transactions)

SecureTouch Applications

Specify SecureTouch products for a variety of demanding public-access applications:

  • Bank ATMs
  • Ticketing machines
  • Kiosks

SecureTouch Touchmonitors

Elo offers complete LCDs integrated with SecureTouch technology.