Elo Touch Sceen Mounting Brackets, Frames, Bezels

for Elo Touch Screens

ELO E147211 L Bracket for mounting Open Frame touch screens

L Bracket for mounting Open
Frame Kiosk Touch Screens (50)
Elo 15 Inch Rack Mount Bracket
Rack Mount Bracket for mounting
on 19" industrial racks
Front Mount Bezel (Converts Rear to Front Mount) for the 1739L
Front Mount Bezel
Converts Rear to Front Mount
LCD and Flat Panel Mounting Brackets
VESA Mounting Brackets
ELO-E203787   ( for the 1537L )

ELO-E147211 (1739L 1937L 1939L)

ELO-E484257  ( 1938L )

ELO-E499603  ( 2239L )
ELO-E295006  ( for 1537L )

ELO-E939253  ( for 1739L )

ELO-E579652 (1937L 1939L)
ELO-E323425  (for 1537L )

ELO-E860319  (for 1739L )

E163604  ( 1937L, 1939L )
ELO Touch Screens
VESA Plate Check Stand Mount
ELO-E295293  (for the 1529L)
 Click  Part # Name     Price
E203787 Elo E203787 L Bracket Kit for 15 Inch Touch Monitors - Elo E203787 $7.65
E147211 Elo E147211 L Bracket for the Elo 1739L and 1939L Elo E147211 $7.65
E484257 Elo E484257 Mounting Bracket Kit, for the Elo 1938L - Elo E484257 $7.65
E295006 Elo E295006 15 Inch Rack Mount Bracket Elo Mounting Bracket $62.05
E939253 Elo E939253 Rack Mount Bracket, for the Elo 1739L - E939253 $74.80
E579652 Elo E579652 Rack Mount Bracket for 19 Inch Industrial Racks - E579652 $87.55
E323425 Elo E323425 Front Mount Bezel, 15 Inch, Converts Rear Mount to Front Mount $74.80
E860319 Elo E860319 Front Mount Bezel, Converts Rear to Front Mount for the Elo 1739L - E860319 $87.55
E163604 Elo E163604 Front Mount Bezel Converts Rear Mount to Front Mount 19 Inch - E163604 $100.30
E295293 Elo E295293 VESA Check Stand Mount for the Elo 1529L Touch Screen Monitor $7.65
E536242 Elo E536242 64GB SSD & Mounting Kit For Elo D Series Touch Screen Computers $233.60
E000448 Elo E000448 VESA Plate (Black) for the Elo 1523L Touch Screen Monitor - E000448 $8.50
E427688 Elo E427688 Replacement Box for Elo 15B3 Elo Touch Computers - E427688 $4.53


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