Datalogic Magellan 1100i Presentation Scanner

Datalogic Magellan 1100i Presentation Scanner
  • Aggressive performance on 1D and optional 2D codes increases productivity
  • Digital imaging technology eliminates moving parts for improved reliability
  • Illumix intelligent illumination technology auto-detects bar codes from mobile phones, laptops or PDAs
  • Compact, ergonomic design is ideal for hands-free or handheld operation
  • Precise imaging scan volume eliminates misreads caused by stray laser scan lines
  • Checkpoint Systems EAS and Interlock compatible

Datalogic Magellan 1100i Presentation Scanner

Datalogic Magellan 1100i Presentation Scanner

The Datalogic Magellan 1100i omnidirectional presentation scanner is a high performing and versatile data collection tool for a variety of applications. It uses Datalogic ADC’s latest digital imaging technology to provide intuitive and fast reading performance on 1D and 2D bar codes as well as supporting advanced features like image capture and EAS tag deactivation. A revolutionary External Read Indicator (ERI) allows the Magellan 1100i reader to integrate with other third party RFID or EAS systems for a truly “future-proof” solution.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
MG112015-001-119B Magellan 1100i (with Green Spot, RS232 Verifone Ruby Kit and 2D) - Color: Black $322.21
MG110010-000 Magellan 1100i (5V, RS232 and Scanner Only) - Color: Black $240.78
MG110010101103 Magellan 1100i (DLS, RS232, Power Supply, BK Stand Kit, RS/RS/WN Cable, 9D 12 Feet) - Color: Black $299.95
MG110010-101-106 Magellan 1100i (No Button, RS232, Power Supply, Stand and Cable) $260.70
MG110041-000-411 Magellan 1100i (No Trigger, USB, POT 12 Foot Cable, Stand and No Power Supply) - Color: Black $252.49
MG110041-001-411 Magellan 1100i (No Button, No Power Supply, STD, USB Cable 8-0734-16) - Color: Black $258.94
MG110041-001-412B Magellan 1100i (USB A POT, 6 Foot, Stand, 2D Decode, No Power Supply and No Button) - Color: Black $294.68
MG110041-001-413 Magellan 1100i (No Trigger, No Power Supply, Stand, USB POT 12 Foot 8073408) - Color: Black $253.67
MG110041-001-414B Magellan 1100i (DLS, N/BTN, USB HID N, Stand, POT12B) - Color: Black $299.95
MG110041-001B Magellan 1100i (DLS, N/BTN, USB HID N, Stand, N, B) - Color: Black $287.65
MG110041-003-412 Magellan 1100i (USB HID, 6 Foot Cable, Mount Plate, No Button and No Power Supply) $253.09
MG110041-003-412B Magellan 1100i (DLS, BK, USB, HID, KB, CON USB B, SER A, PDT, 2 Meter Cable, 2D) $294.10
MG112010-000 Magellan 1100i (Scanner Only - 5V with Button, RS232) $247.81
MG112010-000B Magellan 1100i (5V with Button, RS232, Scan Only with 2D Decode) - Color: Black $288.82
MG112010-001-105B Magellan 1100i (with Button, RS232, 2D, 12 Foot Cable and Stand) $306.98
MG112010-001-119 Magellan 1100i (with Button, RS232 STD KI, No Power Supply with VRFN GEMI POT 8074331) $281.20
MG112010-101-106 Magellan 1100i (with Targeting Green Spot and RS232 Kit) - Color: Black $267.15
MG112010-101-106A Magellan 1100i (with BTN Black, PIR US Power Supply RS-232 DB9, 2 Meter Cable) $284.71
MG112010-101-106B Magellan 1100i (with Green Spot, RS232 and 2D Decoding Kit) - Color: Black $308.15
MG112015-001-119 Magellan 1100i (with Green Spot, RS232, VeriFone Ruby Kit, Black) $281.20
MG112040-001-401 Magellan 1100i (5V with Button, IBM USB Cable, Stand and No Power Supply) - Color: Black $265.97
MG112040-001-401B Magellan 1100i (DLS BK OEM, USB, No Power Supply, STD Kit, Power Off Term, 12 Foot Cable) $306.98
MG112041-001-411 Magellan 1100i (with Button, USB HID POT 12 Foot Cable, Stand, No Power Supply) $265.97
MG112041-001-411B Magellan 1100i (5V, Button, USB HID Keyboard Wedge, 12 Feet, Stand and 2D) - Color: Black $306.98
MG112041-001-412 Magellan 1100i (with Trigger, Green Spot, USB Cable and Stand) - Color: Black $260.70
MG112041-001-412B Magellan 1100i Kit (with BTN, Green Spot, 6 Foot USB Cable, 2D) - Color: Black $301.71
MG112041-001-417B Magellan 1100i Kit (with BTN, USB, HID, Keyboard Stand, Cable, Power Off Terminal) - Color: Black $301.71
MG113010-000B Magellan 1100i (Button with Green Spot, Multi Interface, 2D, No Cable and No Power Supply) $288.82
MG113041-002-411 Magellan 1100i (EZKit, with Button, USB, 12 Foot POT Cable and Stand) - Color: Grey $265.97
MG118010-000 Magellan 1100i (OEM Module, Multi Interface, RS232 Default, No Cable, No Power Supply) $240.78
MG118010-000B Magellan 1100i (OEM Module, RS-232, 2D Decoding, Power Supply - Requires Cable) $281.79
MG118010-100-106B Magellan 1100i (OEM Module, RS-232, 2D Decoding, Power Supply US, DB9 2 Meter Cable) $295.26
MG118041-000-412B Magellan 1100i (OEM Module, USB HID KB 2D, Series A 2 Meter POT Cable) $288.82
MG110047-001-412B Datalogic MG110047-001-412B DLS STD Black no button, USB COM Config, No power supply, Black stand kit, USB HID Keyboard, B series A, POT, 2M, B $294.56
MG112010-000-105 Datalogic MG112010-000-105 MGL1100I, DLS STD Black with Button, RS232 Config, No Power Supply, Package Only, RS/WN, DB9S, POT, 12' Cable $259.52


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