Touch Screens for Children

Computer  access  at  the  Touch  of  a  finger
Add On Touch Attachment

Easily mounts on ANY monitor
Use with ANY program

Add-On Touch Screen speeds up
check-out time on computer cash register.

 Touch screens are 3 to 5 times
 faster than using a mouse.

Small Business adds  Touch Screen
 to improve
customer service.

 Allows DIRECT interaction with
 screen images for instant feedback.  

  • Information Booth
  • Web Site on-site
  • Cash Register
  • Employee Benefits info.
  • Music selection
  • Help-me-Find Booth
  • On-Line Catalog
 Everyone knows how to push buttons.
 Patented external add-on touch screen
 kit is the perfect solution for business,
 home, office, school, Point-of-Sale, and
 government where a user-friendly input
 device is needed.

 External Kit for 14",  15",17",19", & 21" Sizes avail.
 Win 3.x, 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Linux, Mac 6.-10.x
 Connects to Serial Port  (or USB optional)
 Macintosh ADB or USB port

 Prices vary with size & options
   LCD and Laptop models also available
    (Options:  USB, Black frame, Linux, Macintosh)

 Pressure Sensitive Technology

 Works with all programs instantly
Add-On Touch Kit
 Complete Kit
 Touch with finger, gloves, or stylus
 Attaches with hang clips & Velcro
 Use mouse at-same-time
 Right Mouse button support

 3 Year Warranty
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