Touch Screens and Touch Screen Monitors

Computer  access  at  the  Touch  of  a  finger
Add-On Touch Screen BUILT-IN Touch LCD Panel
Easily mounts on ANY monitor
 Use with ANY program

Add On Touch Screens and Touch Screen Monitors
Space Saving LCD Panel

Add On Touch Screens and Touch Screen Monitors

This patented external add-on
 touchscreen kit is the perfect
 solution for business, home,
 office, school, Point-of-Sale,
 and government where a user-
 friendly input device is needed.

 External Kit for 13"-21" sizes
 15",17",19", & 21" Sizes avail.
 For PC's or MAC computers
 Win 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Linux
 PC connect to Serial Port or USB
 Macintosh-ADB or USB port

 *Prices vary with size & options
 (Options:USB, Black frame, Linux)

 Complete Kit
 Directly Interact with screen
 Faster than a mouse
 Pressure Sensitive  (Resistive)
 Touch with finger, gloves, stylus
 Attaches with hang clips & Velcro
 Use mouse at-same-time
 Right Mouse button support
 1 Year Warranty
 15" Full Viewable Screen
Analog TFT Active Matrix
.297 mm Pixel pitch
  304 x 228 mm Display
  300:1 Contrast Ratio 
 Multi Scanning Support
 25 ms Risc Response
 200 nit (cd/m2) Bright
 View Angle Horz:70°, Vert:60°
 262,144 Colors  (18 bit)
 Plug & Play:DDC2B, AutoConfig.

 Space Saving
 Power Mgmt: VESA, DPMS
 5/12 V DC Power, 18 Watt

Dimensions (HxWxD):
     385  x  353 x  67 mm
     15.2 x 13.9 x 2.5 inches
      Detachable Base 6.5"
 Shipping Weight:  24 lbs.
 1 Year Warranty