Laptop Touch Screens

Computer  access  at  the  Touch  of  a  finger
 Speedup  Laptop access Works BETTER than mouse
 12-14" Laptop Touch Screen
    Attach touch screen to laptop
    to directly interact by TOUCH

  Faster than a speedy mouse

  Easily mounts on ANY laptop

  Instantly works ANY program

  One-Step software installation
  Emulates mouse functions of
      Click, double-click, click-and drag
  Right-Mouse Button Support  
  • Completely portable
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Mounts in seconds
 Touch & Cursor instantly appears
 Ends frustration of trying to find tiny cursor

 Touch-and-Drag items quickly

 Durable-Scratch Resistant

 Long Life - 3 million touches
 Stops electrostatic radiation

 Pressure-sensitive activation
 Touch with finger, stylus, glove
 Complete kit
 Weight 14-18 oz.

  1 Year Warranty

 Add-On Touch Screen is ideal
   for LCD Panels, Notebooks, Laptops
 10.5", 12", 14", 15", 17" sizes
 Black or Beige color

 Windows  (Connects to Serial / USB port)

 DOS, Win 3, 95/98/2000, ME, NT, Linux, XP

 Macintosh  (Connects to ADB or USB)

 Macintosh, iMac, G3, G4, OS X