TouchWindow Touch Screen

Simply point and touch!
Computer  access  at  the  Touch  of  a  finger
Quickly attaches to your monitor - Control your computer easily by Touch.
See-through touch sensitive surface responds quickly with computer.
Scratch-resistant surface assures durability and longevity.

Touchscreen gif


     Business Productivity Tool
  • Simply touch the screen to create, respond or explore
  • Use finger on-screen (or stylus)
  • Installs and acts just like a mouse.
  • Select & move words and objects simply by touching.
  • Offers you a natural way to directly interact with your computer
  • Anti-Static, blocks radiation
An Ideal Tool:

For Business Applications
TouchWindow is an effective tool for accessing information. Multimedia presentations, kiosks, point-of-sale systems, inventory control programs, and executive information systems are among its many applications.

For Teachers and Administrators
Touch input simplifies computer access. First-time computer users experience instant success when using TouchWindow. Its versatility provides countless uses; from accessing simple programs to designing powerful interactive lessons.

For Students
TouchWindow is excellent for young children and special-needs students. Direct interaction focuses attention on the learning task. Great for Handicapped.

Attaches Easily
Everything you need to quickly and easily mount TouchWindow to your computer monitor is included. Can easily be detached and used as a graphics tablet or touch pad.

The TouchWindow provides an easy way to add touch screen interaction to mouse driven software programs. No program modification are required. Mouse can be used at the same time. Includes mouse driver for DOS software, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, WFW, Win 98, Win-2000, Win-ME, Win-XP and Macintosh.  Can use any program without modification.

Emulates mouse functions. Plugs into standard serial port. Hard-coated for long life. Low cost technology, and highly versatile. Fits 10-15 inch screens. Over 1 million touchable x,y points. 

Simply touch to select and activate menus and objects. No additional interface harware required. Resists scratching, easy to clean.

Economical for developers, system integrators, and end-users. Attaches easily and quickly to most popular computer monitors for touch screen input. Also operates on the desk top as a graphics table for drawing, tracing and touch pad input. Faster than a speeding mouse.

Technical Specifications:

  • Technology: Resistive membrane
  • Interface: RS-232 serial port
  • Shape: Flat, Fits 10" to 15" monitors
  • Backing Plate: 0.120" (3mm) acrylic
  • Touch Sampling Rate: 75 samples/second
  • Touch Response Time: 13.3 milliseconds
  • Power Dissipation: 0.4 watts maximum includes operating screen
  • Scratch Resistant: Can only be scratched by Mhos hardness < 1.0
  • RS-232 Data Format: 4800 baud with 8 bit X and 8 bit Y coordinates in XYYXYY sequence. One start bit, on stop bit, no parity. 
  • Environment: Temperature Range: 0 to 50° C (32° to 122° F).

  • Storage Temperature Range: -15 to 70° C (5 to 158° F). Humidity Range: 5 to 95% (operating and storage; no condensation)
    Size and Weight: 8.5" x 11" active area. 12.5" x 10.5" overall dimension. 4 lbs. (shipping) 

    Over 80 Sizes and Types of Touch Screens available:

    • Add-On Touch  (clips onto existing monitor)
    • Built-in Touch (normal computer monitors with Touch added)
    • Laptop Touch screens  (and LCD's touch, Plasma touch, etc.)
    • Any size 4-61" Touch surfaces
    • Keyboard-on-the-screen program  (optional)



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