Touch Screens for Children

Computer  access  at  the  Touch  of  a  finger
Add On Touch Screen Kits for Children
Easily mounts on ANY monitor
Use with ANY program

Touch Screens help young children
handicapped and exceptional
children to start learning to use a computer. 

Allows DIRECT interaction with screen
images for instant feedback.  A mouse is
more difficult to use because it is distant
from the screen, and requires advanced
eye-hand coordination.  A touch screen is easy.

Touch screens makes computer learning
both FUN and EASY.

Patented external add-on touch screen
kit is the perfect solution for business,
home, office, school, Point-of-Sale, and
government where a user-friendly input
device is needed.

External Kit for 14",  15",17",19", & 21" Sizes avail.
Win 3.x, 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Linux, Mac 6.-10.x
Works on any CRT monitor or LCD Flat Panel Display
Connects to Serial Port  (or USB optional
Macintosh ADB or USB port
Prices vary with size & options
    (Options:  USB, Black frame, Linux, Macintosh)
Add On Touch Screen Kits for Children

Any Child  -  Any Age
Great for Special Needs
and Handicapped Children
Add On Touch Screen Kits for Handicapped Children

 Slip onto front of Monitor
Plug into serial port  (optional USB)
Load Driver
Calibrate Touch
Works with all programs instantly
Directly Interact with screen
Faster than a mouse
Pressure Sensitive Technology
 Complete Kit
 Touch with finger, gloves, or stylus
 Attaches with hang clips & Velcro
 Use mouse at-same-time
 Right Mouse button support
Add On Touch Screen Kits for Handicapped Children
3 Year Warranty
15" PC Serial  IM SKU#  530885
15" PC USB    IM SKU#  530882
15" MAC         IM SKU#  530881

17" PC Serial  IM SKU#  530891
17" PC USB    IM SKU#  530884
17" MAC          IM SKU#  530883

19-21" PC Serial  IM SKU#  530887
19-21" PC USB    IM SKU#  530880
19-21" MAC          IM SKU#  530888

15" LAPTOP  PC Serial  IM SKU#  677428
15" LAPTOP  PC USB    IM SKU#  677512
$ 179.
$ 194.
$ 209.

$ 239.
$ 249.
$ 269.

$ 389.
$ 409.

$ 299.
$ 310.

Add On Touch Screen Kits for Handicapped Children