Touch Screen Overlays

Overlay Sheets Protect Touch Screens

Overlay Sheets are protective devices onlyThey can NOT make your computer respond to touch input.  They simply protect touchscreens and LCD monitors  from scratches and external damage.

Touch Screen Overlays and Screen Protectors

Touchscreen sheet overlay protectors are a “must have” for long lasting protection.  Hard outer coating, durable, easy to install &  clean.

Touch Screen Overlays and Screen Protectors

Touch Screen Overlays and Screen Protectors

Touch Screen protective overlay sheets have a super thin and hard surface which provide a pleasant feel when writing. The film overlay is easy to install without worrying about air bubbles or getting dirt caught between the screen and the film.  Stiff - stays flat on the touch screen without warping or sliding when used.
 Click  Part # Name     Price
TW-IPad-Overlay 11.7" iPad Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive (1) 7-1/8 x 9-1/4" $10.95
TW-IPad2-Overlay 11.75" iPad2 Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive (1) 7-1/4 x 9-1/4" $10.95
POS-ScratchGuard 15" Scratch Resistant Overlay-4 Edges Adhesive12 x 9" (1) $8.95
TW-15-Overlay 15" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 12 x 9" (1) $15.00
TW-Overlays-10 15 Inch Touch Screen Overlays-Corner Adhesive 12 x 9 inch (Qty 10) $29.00
TW-15W-Overlay 15.4" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 13 x 8.1" (1) Wide $12.00
TW-15-3W-Overlay 15.3" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 13 x 8.11" (1) $13.50
TW-17-Overlay 17" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 13.3 x 10.7" (1) $17.00
TW-17W-Overlay 17" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 14.4 x 9" (1) Wide $14.00
TW-17-Overlay-C 17" Protective Overlay-Corner Adhesive (Qty 10 pack) $35.00
TW-19W-Overlay 19" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 16.14 x 10" (1) Wide $16.00
TW-20-Overlay 20" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 16 x 12" (1) $18.00
TW-20-Overlay-20 20" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 16 x 12" (Special Order 20) $240.00
TW-22-Overlay 22" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 18.7 x 11.7" (1) $18.00
TW-22-Overlay-20 22" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 18.7 x 11.7" (Special Order 20) $259.00
TW-24-Overlay 24" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 20.4 x 12.8" (1) $22.00
TW-24-Overlay-20 24" Protective Overlay-Full Adhesive 20.4 x 12.8" (Special Order 20) $289.00
TWVF-UK01-50 Cherry TWVF-UK01-50 Keyboard Skins with Elastic Edges, Universal Fit, Disposable 50 Pack $20.90
SP10 5.5" SP10 PDA Overlay measures 3.12" x 4.25" $7.48

Protect Touch Screen Surfaces
  • Extends Touch Screen life
  • Protect against dust, scratches, fingerprints
  • Guard from harsh environmental elements
  • Reduce LCD & monitor abuse
  • Provides higher definition for movies & graphics
  • Smooth writing surface.  Washable.
  • Stays on Laptop computers even when closed
  • Sustains hard scratches by metal objects
  • Adhesive back keeps it firmly in place
  • Remove without leaving residue
  • Cut to smaller sizes (Netbook sizes available)
  • LCD Desktop monitors, Notebooks, Laptops
  • Works with Resistive, AccuTouch and Projected
    Capacitive type touch screens

These thin film sheets provide protection to the fragile (and often expensive) displays that are subject to heavy usage, such as Point of Sale Terminals.  Cannot protect screen against blunt force.  Use with LCD touch screens, point-of-sales devices, notebooks, laptops, netbooks in fast food restaurants, warehouse distribution centers, manufacturing, medical, rescue and in police vehicles. 

TouchScreen protectors give high quality clarity and brightness to your display image.
  Protect display monitors on touch screen input devices, including pen based touch systems and POS terminals.  Reduce service calls for damaged touch screens.  No air bubbles nor sticky residue left on touchscreens.  Long lasting protection against dust, scratches and fingerprints.
Touch Screen Cover Setup Instructions:        ( Click here for Installation VIDEO )
  1. Clean touchscreen LCD/CRT surface with cloth and screen cleaning agent.
  2. Lay covering against surface, verify fit and orientation, trim excess so fits viewable screen area.
  3. locate covering finger tab in upper right corner to insure coated surface is vertical front side.
  4. Peel back protective covering at one corner while orienting tab toward upper right corner.
  5. Peel off white corner keeper and adhere cover to screen surface, pressing lightly.
  6. Begin at upper right side, place corner of cover in corner of touch screen, adjust orientation for best fit.

Full Adhesive Overlay Features

  • Thickness:  0.120 mm
  • Resistance to tear:  18 kg/mm2
  • Hardness:  3H
  • Light Transmission:  94%
  • Light Distortion:  < 2.5%
  • UV Filter coating

Cleaning.  Use non-abrasive cleaner for original Touch Screen surfaces.  Clean the Overlay by using a clean, lint-free cloth and Windex or a mild glass cleaner that leaves no streaks.  Use no cleaners containing abrasives.  Eyeglass cleaners are excellent.  10 Pack touchscreen covers for 15" PIN-4110210 P/N: 41-102-10

Remove the Overlay if damaged or needs replacement.  Lift up a corner and slowly pull the overlay off.  Use isopropyl alcohol to remove any residual adhesive.  Removing the overlay reduces the effectiveness of the adhesive.  We recommend that you do not reuse the overlay.  ( All models are crystal CLEAR see-through)


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