Touch Screen Podium Kiosk Accessories

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TWIE-PodiumKiosk-3 Podium Kiosk-3 Stand for 22" - 27" Kiosks, Mini-PC Holder, Back Plates (no touch screen or computer) $895.00
TWIE-41001003 Tray for Podium Kiosk Cherry Keyboard with Mounting Arm 14 3/8 x 5 3/8 Inch, Keyboard Sold Separately $110.00
TWIE-41001004 Tray for PERIBOARD Keyboard with Mounting Arm, Keyboard Sold Separately $148.50
TWIE-41001045 Tray (Small) with Mounting Arm 8.50"D x 5.75"W x 2.00"H (Printer Sold Separately) $110.00
TWIE-41001077 Tray (Large) with Mounting Arm 8.75"D x 7.50"W x 2.00"H (Printer Sold Separately) $110.00
TWIE-OvalShelf Shelf (Large) Podium Kiosk Oval Shape 17" W by 6.58" D $269.50
G84-4420LUBEU-2 Keyboard Cherry G84-4420LUBEU-2 General Purpose (15 Inch Ultra Slim, 83-Key, USB Interface and Track Ball) Black $154.34
TWIE-IE-KB-PB Keyboard PERIBOARD 314US Backlit with Trackball - Wired USB Connector with 2xUSB Hub $66.00
TWIE-41001056 Bracket for Barcode Scanner. Barcode Scanner Sold Separately TWIE-41001056 $55.00
WCR3237-600US Omni Heavy Duty Slot Reader (USB, Bar Code Only, Sealed and Visible Red) $115.56
TWIE-41001075 Podium Kiosk Barcode Scanner Mounting Bracket (Barcode Scanner Sold Separately) $55.00
TWIE-CasterSet Caster Wheels (locking) and Base Plate - Only Fits 18" and 22" Podium Stands $110.00
TWIE-LiteratureBins Podium Kiosk Literature Bins and Mounting Bracket $137.50
TWIE-PCHolder Podium Kiosk PC Holder and Mounting Plate (Upgrade kit if already have kiosk) $470.00
TWIE-PCHolder-2 Podium Kiosk PC Holder (Inside 11.50" H x 8.0" W x 3.75" D (no mount plates, drill own holes) $370.00
MAG-21040145 MSR Credit Card Reader (Dual Head, USB, Keyboard Emulation and Tracks 1, 2 and 3) - Color: Black $48.88
TWIE-Banner Custom Signage Decal $200 setup then $80 per decal (needs artwork) $80.00
Custom-Signage-Decal Custom Signage Decal $200 setup then $80 per decal (needs artwork) $280.00
TWIE-41000991 Heavy Duty Caster Base and 4 Locking Caster Wheels for HD Tilt Podium Stand Only $77.00
TWIE-41001220 27" Podium Kiosk AIO Touch LCD Mounting Bracket TWIE-41001220 $150.00
TWIE-41001139 32" Podium Kioks AIO Touch LCD Mounting Bracket TWIE-41001139 $150.00
TWIE-41001204 42"-47" Podium Kiosk AIO Touch LCD Mounting Bracket TWIE-41001204 $150.00
41001076 Podium Kiosk 41001076 Port Cover for TXJ-22M-I3 $55.00


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