Touch Screen Podium Kiosks

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Podium Kiosk Stands
For 15" - 55" Kiosks With 22"-55" Touch Computer 22-55" Kiosk Computers
Standard Duty Kiosk Stand Kiosk Podium With Computer Kiosk Podium Touch Screen Computers

Interactive Touchscreen Podium Style Kiosks

These Interactive Touchscreen Podium Kiosks offer an economical and portable kiosk solution without sacrificing functionality. Optional barcode scanner, card swipe, printer, and even fingerprint reader allow the Podium Kiosk to be deployed for a wide array of kiosk applications typical of high-end high-cost kiosks.  Perfect for Self Service Kiosk applications.

All Touchscreen Podium Style kiosks are wheelchair accessible as defined by the ADA for "Interactive Transaction Machines" (ITMs).

Each Touchscreen Podium Kiosk is custom made to your order.  Lead time for delivery is 2-3 weeks.