Peerless Kiosk Enclosures

Peerless KIP540 Portrait Kiosk Enclosure 46 Inch Peerless KIPC2556B Back-to-Back Portrait Kiosk Enclosure Peerless Wall Kiosk Enclosures
Potrait Orientation
Back-to-Back Enclosures
Peerless Back-to-Back Kiosk Enlosures Peerless Wall Kiosk Enclosures
Peerless KILH5 Landscape KioskEnclosure Peerless KIL643-35D Wall Kiosk Encosure  

KILH5 Landscape Kiosk

Peerless KILH5 Landscape KioskEnclosure Peerrless KIL643-35D Wall Kiosk Encosure  
Peerless KIP522 Kiosk    

Landscape/Portrait Kiosk

Peerless KIP522 Kiosk    

Make a statement with Peerless-AV’s versatile digital signage kiosk. Designed to support ultra-thin or some thicker commercial displays (**Please check with our sales team to make sure that the monitor you select will actually fit**) This kiosk accentuates the sleek looks of the flat panel display while providing ample space to integrate a media player, interactive touch system, camera, etc, to create a complete interactive kiosk experience. Paired with a wide range of aesthetic options, this modular line of kiosks makes it easy to execute any advertising or branding strategy. VESA Complaint 200x200 up to 800x400 compatible. This features Security front and back doors for public installations and ease of maintenance. The Kiosk is Pre-assembled to simplify your installation. This Kiosk can be free standing or bolted down to the floor for a more permanent install.

Antimicrobial Protection:  Agion antimicrobial* finish available to assist in controlling the spread of infections.

Please note these items are special order and lead-times may apply.

(**Please call our sales team 828-644-0070 to verify this will fit your monitor**)