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Mimo Monitors has been offering technology solutions to a wide range of businesses and consumers for many years.  Our monitors offer the smallest footprint and lowest cost of entry into touchscreen functionality.  Innovative technology combines video, touch, and power into one USB connection.  Simple, proven, and secure: One cable does it all.  Connect as many as 14 touch enabled displays to one computing device, without upgrading your video card.

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MMA-MCS-01 Mimo Monitors MMA-MCS-01 Soft Neoprene Case for 7 Inch Mimo Monitors $25.52
MMA-CAP-01 Mimo Monitors MMA-CAP-01 Capacitive Stylus, Metal Body with Replaceable Nib $12.75
USBC-15 Mimo Monitors USBC-15 15 Feet USB Cable with Low Gauge Wire and Shielding for Long Distance Applications $17.86
MMS-DK01 Mimo Monitors MMS-DK01 Desk Top Stand, Supports 7 and 10.1 Inch Tablets, VESA Mount $54.88
MCT-BCS1-OPT Mimo MCT-BCS1-OPT Optional 2D Barcode Scanner, Mounts to all Tablet Sizes $195.35
MCT-MSR1-OPT Mimo MCT-MSR1-OPT Optional MSR, Mounts to all Tablet Sizes $87.90
MCT-DB01 Mimo MCT-DB01 Desktop 10.1" Stand $46.39
MMA-RES-01 Mimo Monitors MMA-RES-01 Resistive Stylus, Metal Body with Plastic Tip $8.92
FLK-4000 Mimo Monitors FLK-4000 Flex Mounting Arm for 7 Inch and 10.1 Inch Mimo Displays, Suction Cup Base $36.62
FVWM-10 Mimo Monitors FVWM-10 Flush VESA Wall Mount $38.28
UM-740R Mimo Monitors UM-740R Second Gen, Resistive Touch with Stand, 800X480 $167.21
USB102-NA Mimo USB102-NA USB Extender System, Delivers Power to Remote Hub over CAT 5 Extension Link $361.41


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