Xenarc Touch Screen Parts and Accessories

Xenarc Touch Screen Parts and Accessories

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CABLE-26P-YV Xenarc CABLE-26P-YV 26-PIN YV Series Monitor Input Cable - 1.8M $17.25
CABLE-26P-TSV Xenarc CABLE-26P-TSV 26-PIN TSV Series Monitor Input Cable - 1.8M $17.25
CABLE-26P-YH Xenarc CABLE-26P-YH 26-PIN YH Series Monitor Input Cable - 1.8M $23.00
CABLE-26P-TSH Xenarc CABLE-26P-TSH 26-PIN TSH/CSH/CNH Series Monitor Input Cable - 1.8M $23.00
CABLE-26P-TSV-5M Xenarc CABLE-26P-TSV-5M 26-PIN TSV/YV Series Monitor Input Cable - 5M $28.75
CABLE-26P-TSH-5M Xenarc CABLE-26P-TSH-5M 26-PIN TSH/CSH/CNH/YH Series Monitor Input Cable - 5M $34.50
Stand-700 Xenarc Stand-700 Monitor Stand for the 700/702/703/705/709 Series Displays $11.50
Stand-800 Xenarc Stand-800 Monitor Stand for the 800 and 802 Series Displays $23.00
Stand-805 Xenarc Stand-805 Monitor Stand for the 805 Series Displays $11.50
Stand-1020 Xenarc Stand-1020 Monitor Stand for 1020/1022/1029 Series Displays $23.00
U-Stand-800 Xenarc U-Stand-800 U-Shape Monitor Stand for 800, 802 Series 8" Monitors $11.50
U-Stand-1020 Xenarc U-Stand-1020 U-Shape Monitor Stand for 1020, 1022, 1029 Series 10.1" Monitors $11.50
CLA-M12 Xenarc CLA-M12 Cigarette Lighter Adaptor for Xenarc Displays $5.75
PowerCable-M-5M Xenarc PowerCable-M-5M 5 Meter Power Lead for Xenarc Displays $11.50
ACA-M12-US Xenarc ACA-M12-US AC Power Adaptor for Xenarc Monitors - 12V DC Output - US Plug $11.50
ACA-M12-EU Xenarc ACA-M12-EU AC Power Adaptor for Xenarc Monitors - 12V DC Output - Euro Plug $11.50
Remote-26P Xenarc Remote-26P Remote Control For all 26 Pin Xenarc Displays $11.50
Stylus Xenarc Stylus Universal Stylus for Resistive Touch Displays $5.75
CABLE-26P-TO-20P Xenarc CABLE-26P-TO-20P 26PIN to 20PIN Adaptor Cable $11.50
CABLE-TSH-TO-20P Xenarc CABLE-TSH-TO-20P 26PIN TSH to 20PIN Adaptor Cable $11.50
CABLE-TSH-TO-TSV Xenarc CABLE-TSH-TO-TSV 26PIN TSH to 26PIN TSV Adaptor Cable $11.50
Connector-26P Xenarc Connector-26P 26-Pin HPCN Metal Male Connector for custom cable assembly $13.80
GPS-USB Xenarc GPS-USB USB GPS Receiver $28.75
SVR-4 Xenarc SVR-4 4 Port VGA Splitter for both 110V AC and 12V ~ 24V DC use $28.75
TWXN-MP-FL15 Xenarc MP-FL15 Barebone Fanless Mini PC System with DVI-I & DisplayPort Output $570.00
TWXN-MP-FL15-CS1 Xenarc MP-FL15-CS1 Complete System Fanless Mini PC with Intel 2.2GHz CPU, 4GB DDR3, 320GB HDD $740.00
Bracket-MPFL Xenarc Bracket-MPFL Mounting Bracket for Fanless Mini PC $20.00
ACA-PC12 Xenarc ACA-PC12 AC Adaptor for Mini PC $45.00
PSU-PC12 Xenarc PSU-PC12 Vehicle Power Supply with built-in Shut-Down Controller $45.00


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