GVision POS Touch Screen Parts and Accessories

GVision POS Touch Screen Parts and Accessories

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V15-MSR GVision V15-MSR V15 Magnetic Stripe Reader $63.25
V15-2D-VFD GVision V15-2D-VFD V15 VFD Rear Facing Display $88.55
V15-STAND GVision V15STAND Desktop STD for V15 $25.30
DS-42-55-WMK GVision DS-42-55-WMK Accessory, Wall Mount Kit for DS42/DS46/DS55 Large Format Touch Screens, 6CM Distance to Wall, 100KGS Max Load Capacity, 740X476MM Hole Dimension $234.03
DS-65-84-WMK GVision DS-65-84-WMK Accessory, Wall Mount Kit for DS65/DS70/DS84 LCD Touch Screens, 5CM Distance to Wall, 150KGS Max Load Capacity, 1140X670MM Hole Dimension $341.55
DS-42-70-WMK GVision Wall Mount Kit For DS42 / DS46 / DS55 / DS65 / DS70 LCD Touch Screens, 6cm (2.4") Distance To Wall, 220lbs. Max Load Capacity, 740x476mm Hole Dimension $234.03
DS-84-WMK GVision Wall Mount Kit For DS84 LCD Touch Screen, 5cm (1.97") Distance To Wall, 30 lbs. Max Load Capacity, 1140x670mm Hole Dimension $341.55
DS-42-55-STAND GVision DS-42-55-STAND Accessory, STD for DS42/DS46/DS55 Large Format Touch Screens, 70KGS Max Load Capacity, 440MM Pitch, 700X360X340X Dimension, 10KGS Net Weight $215.05
DS-84-STAND GVision DS-84-STAND Accessory, Desk STD for DS84 LCD Touch Screens, 150KGS Max Load Capacity, 600MM Pitch, 1004X281X389MM Dimension, 19KGS Net Weight $449.08
V7-10-STAND GVision V7-10STAND Desktop STD for V7-10 $25.30
AC-ADAPTERS GVision AC Adapter For GVision Monitors (Standard PC Power Cord Not Included) $0.00 Call Us
DS-65-STAND GVision Desktop Stand For DS65 LCD Touch Screens, 264lbs. Max Load Capacity, 440mm Pitch, 944x281x349mm Dimension, 35lbs. Net Weight $360.53
DS-70-84-STAND GVision Desktop Stand For DS70 & DS84 LCD Touch Screens, 330lbs. Max Load Capacity, 600mm Pitch, 1004x281x389mm, 42lbs. Net Weight $449.08
DS-MWMK-MOT GVision Mobile Wall Mount Kit For DS65 / DS70 / DS84 Series Large Format Touch Screens, Durable Metal, 4 Wheels (2 W/ Brakes), Up To 150kgs, Motorized Lift $2,354.05
DS-MTS-MOT GVision Mobile Table Stand For DS42/DS46/DS55 LCD Touch Screens, Durable Metal Stand, 4 Wheels (2 W/ Brakes), Up To 176 lbs. Capacity, Motorized Lift/Tilt $2,251.70
POLE-MOUNT-V7-10 Gvision POLE-MOUNT-V7-10 Pole Mount Stand for V7, V8, & V10 $22.77
AC-ADAPTER-MD1 Gvision AC-ADAPTER-MD1 Medical AC Adapter for GVision Monitors (PC Power Cord not Included) $101.20


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