SpacePole Duo mPOS Sled for Honeywell CT40

SpacePole Duo for Honeywell CT40
  • Sled attaches Honeywell CT40 with Mobile Payment Terminal
  • Easy pairing of a payment terminal to Honeywell's CT40
  • Compatible with a wide range of popular payment terminals
  • Optimized weight and balance for ergonomic use
  • Patented sled/M-Case combination
  • For Pop up and seasonal sales
  • Effective line busting
  • Curb-side payment

SpacePole Duo mPOS for Honeywell CT40

SpacePole Duo mPOS Sled for Honeywell CT40

Keeping lines to a minimum and shortening the transaction time between customer and operator is a key strategy for today's retail and hospitality industries. This increased use of mPOS - mobile point of sale solutions – provides customer service away from the potentially congested point of sale, at a place of the customer’s choosing.

The SpacePole Duo is a patented mPOS sled that combines the Honeywell CT40 enterprise class mobile computer with a wide range of mobile payment terminals to create fast, contactless mPOS transactions anywhere. The flexibility of Duo and its simplicity of use makes it easy to go from static scanning to mPOS and back again, in seconds, without compromising the all-in-one characteristic of the solution.

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