17 Inch GVision P17BH Desktop Touch Screen Monitor

17 Inch P17BH-AB-459G Desk Top / Wall Mount Touch Display
17 Inch GVision P17BH-AB-459G Desktop Touch Screen Monitor
  • 1280 x 1024 resolution SXGA, IBM VGA standards
  • Pedestal Stand
  • Stable aluminum stand base supports angle
  • Built-in power adapter and cable management stand
  • 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen (popular touch technology)
  • Activated with fingernails, gloves, stylus
  • Touch Screen sealed against spills
  • Hot Key for AUTO adjustment
  • Dual USB and Serial Connection
  • Speakers internal
  • Three year warranty

17 Inch GVision P17BH-AB-459G LCD Desktop Touchscreen Monitor


17 Inch GVision P17BH-AB-459G Touch Screen Monitor

The GVision P17BH-AB-459G presents a great appearance in retail and hospitality environments.  Used by channel partners of point-of-sale (POS) hardware and equipment.  Elo touch driver compatibility at a much lower price.  For POS cash registers, kiosks, restaurants and light industrial use.