Acoustic Pulse Recognition Touchscreens

Acoustic Pulse Recognition Touchscreens
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NOTE: Acoustic Pulse Recognition is not available on standalone touchscreens; Elo offers touchmonitors and touchcomputers integrated with Acoustic Pulse Recognition technology.

Elo Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) touchscreens use a completely new and unique way of sensing touches on a display. Consisting only of a glass overlay mounted in front of the display, together with a small electronic controller board, APR technology provides a new set of benefits that have only been partially achieved before by other touch technologies.

APR combines the ultimate in optical qualities, durability, and stability, with excellent dragging properties. By combining stylus, glove, bare finger and fingernail activation, with low-cost advantages, APR is well-suited for many diverse applications including kiosk, point-of-sale and medical instrumentation. In addition, its pure-glass surface is resistant to scratches, water and other contaminants on the screen, and can be scaled from 2.5-inch to 42-inch displays.

APR works in a simple and elegant way—by recognizing the sound created when the glass is touched at a given position.


  • Optics and durability of pure glass
  • Works with finger, glove, pen, credit card, fingernail
  • Resistant to water, dust, grease
  • No wear-out mechanism
  • Works even with scratches
  • Excellent drag performance
  • Sealable to NEMA 4/IP65 standards
  • One time factory calibration, no drift
  • Thin borders—only 5mm
  • True flat surface
  • Small and large sizes
  • Palm rejection


  • Restaurant and hospitality automation
  • Retail
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals
  • Pharmacy automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Office automation