Elo AccuTouch Five-Wire Resistive Touchscreens


Elo AccuTouch Five-Wire Resistive Touchscreens

ELO Accutouch 5 wire resistive touch screen prices

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Elo developed AccuTouch technology with the harshest environments in mind, so it's no wonder that it excels in reliability, durability, and expected product life. Impervious to environmental conditions such as liquid spills and splashes and washdown, these screens are the most contamination-resistant available. They deliver drift-free operation for a lifetime of 35 million finger touches.


Five-wire resistive is the most accurate and reliable touchscreen technology. Elo, the inventor of resistive technology, takes five-wire resistive several steps further with its proprietary AccuTouch touchscreens.

  • Stable, drift-free operation
  • Broad input flexibility
  • Contamination resistance
  • Accuracy in high-use applications
  • Long product life
  • Meets NEMA 4/4x/12 and IP65 standards
Patented Z-Border for AccuTouch Touchscreens

Accuracy Over Time

Thanks to its inherently stable design, Elo AccuTouch five-wire resistive touchscreens have unmatched accuracy over time. The initial setup should last the life of the product, because only a two-point video alignment is required to normalize the touchscreen and video coordinate systems.

AccuTouch touchscreens enjoy long-term, drift-free operation because of the glass substrate processing techniques. The proprietary AccuTouch "Z border" electrode pattern is not only very narrow and produces outstanding linearity, but the frit pattern and drive trace lines are fired into the surface of the glass substrate, becoming stable and permanent after firing. The linearity characteristics of the glass, which establishes the linearity of the touchscreen, will also not change for the life of the product. Other resistive screens use a thermal or UV-cured silver ink that is silk-screened onto the glass or plastic substrate. Not being well bonded to the ITO-coated substrate, it is susceptible to deterioration over time under the influence of glues and solvents, changing the linearity of the touchscreen. Other resistive screens also print their drive line traces on the coversheet layer of the touchscreen (on top of an insulating layer screened over the ITO layer of the coversheet). This requires the trace lines to be electrically connected to the electrode pattern with conductive epoxy at the corners of the screen. Over time, these trace lines and their conductive epoxy interconnections deteriorate, also affecting linearity.

Since the AccuTouch touchscreen is linear and accurate by design and construction, any AccuTouch controller is completely interchangeable with any AccuTouch touchscreen. Other resistive touchscreens use electrode patterns and lower quality coatings that don't produce an inherently linear touchscreen. They must rely on a multipoint linearization scheme, forcing the controller to interpolate data received from the touchscreen between adjacent linearization points. This scheme typically employs an NVRAM chip embedded in the extension cable from the touchscreen or on the controller card. Not being inherently linear, other touchscreens are not interchangeable with the controller unless the cable with the NVRAM chip is included or an extensive multipoint linearization scheme is re-executed.


An enhanced, scratch-resistant hardcoat gives AccuTouch touchscreens unparalleled protection against damage, even in the harshest industrial environments. Elo touchscreens have been operationally tested to over 35 million touches in one location with a stylus similar to a finger, making them ideal for heavy-usage environments.

AccuTac Coversheet Adhesive System

With the tightest fit available, the Elo proprietary AccuTac coversheet adhesive system is used on all AccuTouch touchscreens. It provides multidirectional "hold down" of the coversheet to the glass, allowing the coversheet to expand and contract with changes in the environment while keeping it flat and under tension. It works like the springs on a trampoline. The coversheet can expand and contract with changes in the environment (X and Y axes) yet remain under tension on a fixed flat plane (Z axis). The horizontal coversheet tension is unique in the industry and allows AccuTouch touchscreens to provide the tightest coversheet fit available. Other resistive screens, which only employ pressure-sensitive adhesives, can loosen over the life of the product and develop "puffiness" or "ripples" with changes in temperature and humidity.

Contamination Proof

AccuTouch touchscreens are the most contamination-resistant screens available, as they are sealed against contamination and moisture. This prevents fluid ingress through the air vent or along the edges due to capillary action if the outer seal to the display degrades over time.

Superb Optics

AccuTouch touchscreen optics are influenced primarily by the resistive coating on the glass substrate, the conductive coating on the back of the coversheet, and the antiglare treatment on the front of the coversheet. The coatings on the glass and coversheet have an impact on light transmission. The antiglare treatment on the coversheet impacts gloss diffusion and visual resolution. AccuTouch HL (High Light) touchscreens provide high light transmission, because the coatings on the glass and coversheet are ITO (indium tin oxide). ITO coatings are extremely transparent and offer the electrical properties required for resistive touchscreens.

Cable Construction and Attachment

Even the AccuTouch cabling system is unique. It is copper soldered to the fired-on frit pattern, has integral polymer strain relief, uses a copper flex circuit as opposed to ink (extension of coversheet), is low resistance so the cable length does not upset the design of the touchscreen, and importantly, may be folded and creased.

Complete Solution: Screen, Controller or Chip, Software Driver

The AccuTouch COACh (Controller On A Chip) is a cost-effective single-chip solution, compatible with Elo AccuTouch and AT4 touchscreens and all Elo touchscreen drivers.

Elo develops all screens, controllers, chips, and software drivers in-house. Compare the complete Elo solution with other screen manufacturers who use third-party controllers and drivers. Incorrect coordinates due to light touches, skips, varying separator dots or resistance of coatings, and drift over time are not a concern. With Elo there is no finger pointing at different manufacturers if a problem arises.

Experience of the Leader in Touch

Elo invented and perfected resistive touchscreens. For nearly 40 years, Elo AccuTouch resistive touchscreen technology has led the industry with the largest application and experience base of any manufacturer.

Application Ready

AccuTouch technology is the workhorse of resistive touchscreens, providing unsurpassed performance in POS, industrial, medical, and transportation applications. Touch the screen with a finger, gloved hand, fingernail, or object such as a credit card, and you'll receive a fast, accurate response every time.

Point-of-Sale Solutions
  • Fine Dining
  • Fast Food
  • Hospitality
  • Lodging
  • Vending
  • Lottery Terminals
  • General Retail
  • Grocery/Convenience
Industrial Solutions
  • Process Control
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Machine Control
  • Industrial PCs
  • Man-Machine Interface
  • Office Automation Equipment
  • Automated Testing
  • Automobile Test Equipment
Transportation Solutions
  • In-vehicle Use
  • Baggage Handling
Medical Solutions
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Patient Monitoring Systems
  • Medical Equipment
  • Research Instrumentation
Elo Accutouch 5 wire resistive touch screen prices