Zebra ZD500R RFID Desktop Printer

Zebra ZD500R RFID Desktop Printer
  • Prints and encodes tags with a minimum pitch of 0.6"/16 mm
  • Adaptive Encoding Technology
  • RFID job monitoring tools track RFID performance
  • RFID ZPL commands  compatible with existing Zebra RFID printers
  • Supports industry standard multi-vendor chip-based serialization (MCS)
  • Supports block permalocking compatible with ATA Spec 2000
  • Integrated ThingMagic® RFID Reader/Encoder

Zebra ZD500R RFID Desktop Printer

Zebra ZD500R RFID Desktop Printer

Small in size but full of features, the Zebra ZD500R is Link-OS-enabled making it simple to integrate and manage.  With automatic calibration, you’ll enjoy lower media cost, less waste and fewer roll changes.  Featuring UHF RFID encoding capabilities, it is ideal for numerous applications such as retail tagging, and manufacturing, government and healthcare tracking.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
ZD50043-T212R1FZ Zebra ZD500R 300 DPI USB/SER/CENTPAR/Ethernet, Cutter RFID-UHF $1,568.72
ZD50042-T01200FZ Zebra Printer ZD500 TT 203 dpi, US Cord, USB /Serial/Parallel/Ethernet $580.51
ZD50043-T11A00FZ Zebra Printer ZD500RUSB/Serial/CP/Ethernet/8 02.11/Bluetooth Peeler $804.55
ZD50042-T21200FZ Zebra Printer ZD500; 203 USB/Serial/Centronics Parallel/Ethernet, Cutter $697.20
ZD50043-T213R1FZ Zebra ZD500R RFID Printer 300d USB/Serial/Par/Ethernet/802.11abgn/ Bluetooth, Cutter $1,738.92
ZD50043-T01200FZ Zebra ZD500R Printer; 300 dpi, US Cord, USB/Serial/Parallel/Ethernet $638.86
ZD50043-T11200FZ Zebra Printer TT ZD500 300 dpi, US Cord USB/ Serial/Parallel/Ethernet, Peel $659.27
ZD50043-T01A00FZ ZD500 300DPI,USB/SER/PAR/ETHE R/802.11ABGN & BT, US/Canada $784.14
ZD50042-T21A00FZ Zebra ZD500 Printer, 203 USB/Serial/Centronics, US Cord $842.48
ZD50043-T21200FZ Zebra ZD500 Printer; 300 dpi, US Cord, USB/Serial/Parallel/Ethernet $755.55
ZD50042-T11200FZ Zebra ZD500 Desktop Printer ZD50042-T11200FZ Tabletop Printer ZD500; 203 dpi, US Cord, USB $600.93
ZD50043-T112R1FZ Zebra ZD50043-T112R1FZ ZD500R, 300 DPI, US Cord, USB/Serial/Centronics Parallel/Ethernet, Dispenser (Peel), RFID-UHF US/Canada $1,456.17


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