55-60 Inch Large Touch Screens

Elo 5501L 55 Inch Multi Touch Digital Signage Display
1-6 Point Multitouch

55 Inch Elo 5501L Multi Touch Digital Signage Display

The Elo 5501L Interactive Digital Signage display combines an optical multi-touch touchscreen with a professional-grade, large format display in a slim, integrated package.  The Elo 5501L offers system integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) a high performance solution that is easy to deploy and maintain.

55 Inch GVision Large Format Touch Screen Display DS55AD

55 Inch GVision Large Format Touch Screen Display

GVision's large format touch screen displays utilize Surface Light Wave (SLW) 6-point touch technology that can be operated under Windows 8 and multi-touch application software. These rugged large format displays were designed so they can withstand interactivity in public places such as in a retail, self-service, hospitality, transportation, and more. An advanced LED backlight helps project an amazingly rich picture quality with stunning clarity. 

55" GVision Large Format
6 Point Touch Built-In
55" Samsung DB55D SMART Signage Touch Screen Display
6 Point Touch Overlay

55 Inch Samsung DB55D Smart Signage Touch Screen

Present your business messages in the ideal way with affordable Samsung DBD Series digital signage that delivers flexible connectivity and high indoor performance at an affordable price.  Samsung’s improved embedded media solution 2nd Generation SSSP, makes it easy to manage content while maintaining low total cost of ownership (TCO).

55" Samsung DM55D SMART Signage Touch Screen Display
6 Point Touch Overlay

55 Inch Samsung DM55D Smart Signage Touch Screen

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a powerful, all-in-one SMART signage solution that attracts customer attention to their products or services.  With the Samsung DMD Series, businesses in the Retail, Corporate, Education, Entertainment and Transportation industries can enhance their annual revenue by presenting a continuous stream of impactful content on robust, eye-catching SMART signage. 

55" Samsung DH55D SMART Signage Touch Screen Display
6 Point Touch Overlay

55 Inch Samsung DH55D Smart Signage Touch Screen

Convey your business messaging with style through Samsung’s impeccable, highly reliable DHD Series SMART signage. This innovative signage solution provides an immersive viewing experience by delivering crystal-clear images while operating 24/7 Powered by the newest version of our embedded content management solution, the 2nd Generation SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Platform).

NEC P553 55 Inch LCD Touch Screen Display
Single Point Touch Built-In

55 Inch NEC P553 Professional Grade Large Screen Display

The 55” NEC P553 Digital Signage Solution provide a complete bundled product for customers that need a professional-grade display and computer to source content.  LED edge lighting delivers environmental, economic, and aesthetic impact. With a decreased total cost of ownership, a thinner and lighter cabinet, and customizable connectivity options, the P series displays deliver stunning solutions.

Sharp PN-L603B 60 Inch AQUOS Large LED Touch Screen Display
10 Point Touch Built-In

60 Inch Sharp AQUOS PN-L603B LED Touch Screen Display

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD™ PN-L603B is designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts. The PN-L603B’s touch pens allow several people to write on the same screen at the same time. And Sharp’s Touch Display Link software enables multifaceted wireless communication. Whether in the boardroom or the classroom, Sharp changes the way you communicate.


SunBrite 55 Inch All Weather Outdoor Touch Screen Monitor

55" SunBrite Outdoor Touch Screen

55 Inch SunBrite All Weather Outdoor Touch Screen Monitor

The newest in the Marquee Series line.  The SunBrite 55" Dispersive Signal (3-M), direct sunlight readable, all-weather Touch Screen Monitor / TV.  Perfect for way-finding, outdoor digital signage and/or customer interaction with your product, location or other information.  SunBrite DS-5517



NEC V552 55 Inch LCD Touch Screen Display

55" NEC V552 Touch Screen Display
10 Point Touch Overlay

55 Inch NEC V552 LCD Touch Screen Display

The NEC 55” V552 high-performance large-screen display utilizes LED backlighting to deliver both environmental and functional benefits for digital signage. The NEC V552’s commercial-grade panel is capable of displaying brilliant imagery and capturing the audience’s attention.

NEC 55" LED Backlit Touch Integrated Large Screen Display

55 Inch NEC V552-TM Integrated Touch Display

NEC’s 55" V552-TM touch integrated large-screen LCD display offers digital signage users touchscreen capabilities at a cost-conscious price. This display also utilizes LED-backlighting to minimize depth and power consumption. Within the V552-TM bezel is infrared scanning technology that allows for up to six simultaneous touches.

6 Point Touch Bult In
55 Inch LG 55WT30MS-B Commercial Multi-Touch Display

55 Inch LG 55WT30MS-B Touch Screen Display

LG brings true multi-touch capability with the WT30MS series of professional touch displays. With 10 points of touch and a slim design, users can enjoy crisp clean "ghost-free" annotation in applications demanding high reliability and where space is at a premium. Choose from 42", 47", or 55" models with integrated touch screen.

55" LG 55WT30MS-B Touch Screen
10 Point Touch Built-In

55 Inch InFocus JTouch Interactive Touchscreen Display INF5520A-NOPC

55 Inch InFocus JTouch Interactive Touchscreen

Connect the 55-inch InFocus JTouch touchscreen display to your notebook to create a bright, colorful interactive touch experience that engages audiences in classrooms and beyond.  INF5520A-NOPC

55" InFocus JTouch Interactive Touchscreen  
55 Inch InFocus BigTouch Touchscreen Computer INF55WIN8-KIT

55 Inch InFocus All-in-One Touchcomputer

Windows 8 combines the fun of a tablet with the productivity of a PC, and the InFocus BigTouch INF55WIN8 amplifies that beautiful, fast and fluid touch experience for your shared work space.  INF55WIN8

55" InFocus BigTouch All-in-One  

Elo Directory Solution Elo E827644

55" Elo Directory Solution

55 Inch Elo Directory Solution

Elo and Jibestream have teamed up to offer a solution that helps companies and building managers realize operational savings, streamline processes, and enhance visitor experiences.  Optional Jibestream plug-ins expand NovoTouch software functionality to further differentiate the user experience.

55 Inch Touch Screen Computer for Kiosk, Desk or Wall Mount

55 Inch Touch Screen Wall or Kiosk Mount

These high-end all in one PCs feature Core-i3 or Core-i7 CPU's, and separate dedicated 2GB NVIDIA graphics cards for super graphics performance.

 55" Wall or Kiosk Mount Computer

50 Inch ViewSonic EP5012-TL ePoster Digital Kiosk

55 Inch ViewSonic ePoster Digital Kiosk

The ViewSonic EP5012-TL is a 50” all-in-one free-standing ePoster digital kiosk with a sleek, slim design. Great for grabbing attention in busy, high-traffic areas, the EP5012-TL comes with a scratch-proof tempered glass faceplate for added durability.

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