Honeywell 7120 Orbit Hands Free Bar Code Scanner

Honeywell 7120 Orbit Presentation Scanner

  • 7 beeper tones
  • Bits and Pieces data editing
  • Fully automatic scanning operation
  • MetroSet and MetroSelect configuration
  • PowerLink, user-replaceable cables
  • Programmable depth of field

Honeywell 7120 Orbit Presentation Scanner

Honeywell 7120 Orbit Presentation Scanner

Designed for applications where counter space is at a premium the Honeywell Orbit 7120 is the ideal Presentation Scanner for retail convenience liquor and specialty stores. In addition Orbit's unique contoured shape allows it to be picked up and used as a hand-held when scanning large or bulky items. Engineered with a large easy-to-find sweet spot Orbit increases first pass read rate for maximum productivity. The scanning head can be tilted vertically a full 30% for added flexibility when scanning various sized objects.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
MK7120-31A38 Honeywell MK7120-31A38 MS7120 Orbit Omnidirectional Presentation Scanner, USB Cables, Black $235.94
MK7120-31A62 Honeywell MK7120-31A62 MS7120 Orbit Presentation Scanner, RS232 to Ruby VeriFone, Black $235.94
MK7120-71A38 Honeywell MK7120-71A38 USB Kit: light Gray scanner (MS7120-38), mounting plate (45-45619), 2.8m (9.2/) Straight USB Type A cable (54-54235B-N-3) and documentation $235.94
MS7120-38-3 Honeywell MS7120-38-3 MS7120 Orbit Omnidirectional Scanner, Scanner Only, Low Speed, USB, Black $229.23
MS7120-106 Honeywell MS7120 Barcode Scanner, Light gray, USB, User Guide, mounting plate $229.23
MS7120-41-3 Honeywell MS7120-41-3 MS7120 Orbit Presentation Scanner RS-232/LTPNDK Grey $229.23
MS7120-106-3 Honeywell MS7120-106-3 Scanner: black, RS232/IBM 46xx RS485/USB, Installation & User's Guide, mounting plate (45-45619) $222.55
MS7120-41 Honeywell MS7120-41 Orbit 7100 Scanner Only, Light Gray, RS232, Installation and User Guide, Mounting Plate (45-45619) $222.55
MK7120-71B41-6 Honeywell MK7120-71B41-6 MS7120 Orbit, RS232 Scanner (MS7120-41), Gray, Mounting Plate (45-45619), 2.9M (9.5') Straight RS232 Cable (59-59000X-3), Level 6 US Power Supply (46-00525-6) $229.06


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