Vertical Input is Reversed

After attaching the USB TouchWindow® and installing the driver, the vertical input is reversed (e.g, pressing near the top of the TouchWindow® positions the pointer near the bottom of the screen). Having multiple TouchWindow® drivers on the same computer can cause this issue. Uninstalling all TouchWindow® drivers, deleting the tsharc.sys file and reinstalling the newest TouchWindow® driver will resolve this issue. Consult the remainder of this technical note for additional information.

Complete the following procedures in the order that they are presented.

Uninstalling All TouchWindow® Drivers

  1. Close all windows and programs and return to the desktop.
  2. Click Start, select Settings then click Control Panel. Windows® XP users click Start then click Control Panel. A Control Panel window will appear.
  3. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
  4. Scroll through the list of programs and locate the entry for a Touch Screen Driver, TouchWindow Driver or Edmark USB Control Panel and click on it once to select it.
  5. Click Add/Remove and follow the onscreen prompts to uninstall the driver.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 for all remaining instances of the items listed in step 4.
  7. Continue with the next procedure.

Deleting Tsharc Files

  1. Close all programs and windows and return to the desktop.
  2. Click Start, select Search (or Find) and click Files or Folders. The Search (or Find) window will open.

    For Windows® XP, click Start and click Search. The Search window will open. Click the Search All Files and Folders option on the left in the Search window.
  3. Type tsharc* in the Named: field.
  4. Click Search Now (or Find Now) to begin the search. When the search is complete, the results will appear in the right (or bottom) pane of the Search (or Find) window.

    Note: If no results appear, continue with Installing the TouchWindow® Driver procedure.
  5. Click Edit from the top menu bar and click Select All.
  6. Click File from the top menu bar and click Delete.
  7. Click Yes when prompted to send all selected files to the Recycle Bin.
  8. Close the Search (or Find) window.
  9. Continue with Installing the TouchWindow® Driver