Multi Monitor Touch Screen Setup


Requirements to use:

.-      Must run Windows 2000/XP/Vista
      Must use USB controllers
If there is a touch screen driver previously installed, remove/uninstall it and restart the windows.
      Must have a USB port for each touch screen attached.
If a hub is necessary, it must be a powered hub. powered means it has an external power source.
-     Run setup in the driver folder to install.  Restart the Windows after installation is completed.
       Windows must be able to see each monitor attached to the computer separately   (i.e., if Windows only sees one large 'virtual' monitor, our driver

Download Multi Monitor driver v2.3

See calibration examples in the following two documents:

Download Example for Dual Mode

Download Example for Span Mode


-       A customer has successfully installed multiple monitors onto a Linux machine using our standard Linux drivers.  He did note that the touch screen only worked correctly when on the Primary monitor.

-      The multi-monitor drivers have not been tested with either monitor rotated or pivoted.