Magic Touch Keytec KTMT-1315-USB/B

13-15" Touch Screen for LCD's & CRT Monitors

Discontinued - Replaced by OPTIR PPMT Model

KTMT-1315-USB Add-On Touch Screen for LCD and CRT monitor displays KTMT-1315-USB Add-On Touch Screen Mounted on LCD and CRT monitor display
Place over the LCD screen to
interact directly with computer
How to choose the right size
Magic Touch LCD Touch Screen Dimensions and Size Chart
Inside:  12 x 9"                 (304.8 x 228.6 mm)
Outside:  13.25 x 10.25"   (336.6 x 260.4 mm)
Thick .55" (14mm)             Ship Weight: 4 lbs.
  • 13" to 15" Size
  • LCD's or CRT Displays
  • One-step software install
  • For ALL computer programs
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Accurate
  • No training needed
  • Durable touch membrane
  • Resistive touch technology
  • Mounts in seconds
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Reduces monitor radiation
  • Best price - touch overlay
Magic Touch Screens by Keytec
Convert your monitor  (LCD or CRT) to become a touch-interactive display

CES Design & Innovation Award
No external power supply needed
Power-Any country w/ voltage 100 -240

Includes:  Driver, Stylus pen, Manual, Velcro strips, Controller and Cables

Color:  Black or Beige frame
Clear see-through touch screen

See Specifications and details on Magic Touch Resistive Touchscreens
  • Faster than a Mouse
  • Emulates mouse functions
  • Click, double-click
  • Click-and-drag
  • Right Mouse-Button Support
  • Long Life - 3 million touches
  • Wash w/ glass cleaner & cloth
  • Use both Mouse & Touch
  • Pressure-sensitive activation
  • Use finger, stylus or glove
  • Scratch Resistant surface
  • Reduces static electricity
  • USB or Serial connector
  • Latest Win 7, Mac Drivers

Discontinued - Replaced by OPTIR PPMT Model

Magic Add On Touch Screen Keytec KTMT-1315-USB/B