17 Inch TouchWindow Touchscreen

17" TouchWindow
Simply point and touch !
Computer access at the touch of a finger      
This product has been replaced by the 17" OPTIR Add-On Touch Screen     17 Inch OPTIR Add-On Touch Screen, infrared, backing glass included PPMT-IR-017EL
Quickly attaches to your monitor
Turns your computer into an easy-to-use touch system
Scratch resistant surface assures long lasting durability
See-through touch sensitive surface lets you watch as the computer responds

TouchWindow touch screen overlays CRT or LCD monitors

  • Installs works and acts just like mouse pointer
    • Faster than a speeding mouse.
  • Navigate using your finger or the stylus
  • Simple touch for response, explore, create naturally
  • Select paragraphs, move words highlight objects and graphics simply by touching.
  • Natural way to directly interact with your computer
  • Touch Area 13 x 10.5 inches
Durable External Touch Screen
17" TouchWindow Part# 2099 PC Serial
17" TouchWindow
Part# 1071 USB & Mac
Edmark, Riverdeep, Pro-Ed Inc., Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, IBM
Ideal Tool for Business Applications   TouchWindow is an effective tool for accessing information. Multimedia presentations, kiosks, point-of-sale systems, inventory control programs, and executive information systems are among its many applications

For Teachers and Administrators  Touch input simplifies computer access.  First time computer users experience instant success when using TouchWindow.  It's versatility provides countless uses; from accessing simple programs to designing powerful interactive lessons.

For Students   TouchWindow is excellent for young children and special needs students.  Direct interaction focuses attention on the learning task.  Great for Handicapped students (grades Pre-Kindergarten to Adult ages).

Attaches Easily  Everything you need to quickly and easily mount TouchWindow to your computer monitor is included. Can easily be detached and used as a graphics tablet or touch pad.

Compatible  The TouchWindow provides an easy way to add touch screen interaction to mouse driven software programs. No program modification are required.  Mouse can be used at the same time. Includes mouse driver for Windows 7, Vista, XP-Pro, DOS software, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, WFW, Win 98, Win 2000 and Apple Macintosh computers. Can use any program without modification.  Most Macintosh® and Windows® software that works with a mouse is TouchWindow compatible.

Features  Emulates mouse functions. Plugs into standard serial port. Hard coated for long life. Low cost technology, and highly versatile. Fits 10-5 inch screens. Over 1 million touchable x,y points.

Benefits  Simply touch to select and activate menus and objects. No additional programming is required.

Safety  The Touch Window is amazingly resistant to breakage. Its unique, scratch-resistant surface offers the ultimate in safety for all users.

Perfect  Use with any educational programs, Edmark products or ANY software from any company.  Use with "Words Around Me" or Edmark Reading Software.

Sizes  TouchWindow is available in two monitor sizes - 15 inch and 17 inch.  When you order the 17" size, you'll also get an exclusive hanging system that transfers the weight to the top of the monitor, thus ensuring a snug and secure fit, yet allowing it to be put on or taken off the monitor with ease.  Hanging system is not available for the 15" version.

USB Model works on BOTH Macintosh and Widows.

Proven Success  The TouchWindow is a well established  product.  Studies show that students learn faster with better retention when they are engaged in the process.  Easy for all students to use.  Keeps them actively involved in learning.  Touch Window has been manufactured since before the first IBM PC personal computer.

Helps Early Learners Use Computer
Students and teachers naturally point to and touch computer monitors while using the software. The TouchWindow® takes advantage of this natural interaction by allowing students to select and move objects, operate pull-down menus, and draw graphics - all with the touch of a finger or stylus.  The Touch Window is especially effective with first-time computer users, early learners, and students with developmental and/or physical disabilities.

  Special features include a scratch-resistant, durable surface and easy installation and functionality.  Resists scratching, easy to clean.

Direct Selection  Users make selections directly on the screen -- no intermediate steps or devices interfere with their attention.
Just touch an onscreen object or word, and the computer responds.

Essential Safety  TouchWindow is amazingly resistant to breakage. Its unique, scratch-resistant surface offers the ultimate in safety for all users.

Versatile and Functional  TheTouchWindow is easy to attach or remove to use on another computer. It can also be used as a switch by setting it flat on a table or wheelchair tray. Most Macintosh and

Quality Materials and Warranty Included  Every TouchWindow screen is backed by a full one-year warranty and includes an instruction manual, plastic stylus, mounting rails and buttons, and Velcro.

Economical for developers, system integrators, and end users. Attaches easily and quickly to most popular computer monitors for touch screen input. Also operates on the desk top as a graphics table for drawing, tracing and touch pad input.

Natural  Touch input is one of the most natural and direct ways to interact with computer software.  TouchWindow® allows early learners and students with a variety of disabilities to use a computer successfully, right from their first experience. Students and teachers naturally point to and touch computer monitors while using software. 

TouchWindow Add-On Touch Screen for Children Schools PC and Macintosh
Complete TouchWindow Kit includes:  TouchWindow screen (either 17" or 15"), User Guide, CD-ROM, Velcro, Rubber Bumpers, Monitor Adapter Rails, and Stylus.  

TouchWindow Conversion converts any TouchWindow version to another model of the same size.
   (ex: 17" Windows/DOS-Serial to 17" Macintosh-ADB).

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