Tailwind POS Mounting Solutions

Tailwind POS Mounting Solutions

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CST00158 Tailwind CST00158 Back plate for the Verifone P200 $8.55
ASS90121 Tailwind ASS90121 FlexiPole Compact FirstBase $31.63
CST00132 Tailwind CST00132 PAX S300 PEDPACK $8.55
CST00134 Tailwind CST00134 Ingenico iSC 250 PEDPack $8.55
ASS30121 Tailwind ASS30121 FlexiPole Complete FirstBase $30.53
CST00121 Tailwind CST00121 Verifone VX805/VX820 PEDPack $8.55
CST00135 Tailwind CST00135 PAX S800 PEDPACK $8.55
CST00139 Tailwind CST00139 Verifone Mx915/925 PEDPack $8.55
CST00119A Tailwind CST00119A Ingenico iPP320/350 PEDPack $8.55
CST00144 Tailwind CST00144 Verifone VX 520 40mm PEDPack $8.55
CST00127 Tailwind CST00127 Ingenico iCT250 PEDPACK $8.55
ASS60121 Tailwind ASS60121 FlexiPole Compact SafeBase (Estate Key) $53.13
CST99901 Tailwind CST99901 FlexiGrip $8.55
ASS10121 Tailwind ASS10121 FlexiPole Complete SafeBase (Estate Key) $51.28
CST00133 Tailwind CST00133 Ingenico iSC 480 PEDPack $8.55
CST00154 Tailwind CST00154 Lane 5000 Back Plate $8.55
CST00162 Tailwind CST00162 VESA Back Plate supports 75 or 100mm $8.55
ASSC0121 Tailwind ASSC0121 FlexiPole Contour FirstBase (tether) $30.53
CST00130 Tailwind CST00130 PAX S80 PEDPACK $8.55
ASSC0101 Tailwind ASSC0101 FlexiPole Contour FirstBase $32.51
ASS00900 Tailwind ASS00900 Flexible stand for small MPOS devices $24.42
CST00110 Tailwind CST00110 Verifone VX810 PEDPack $8.75
CST00128 Tailwind CST00128 Ingenico iWL 220/250 PEDPack $8.55
ASSD0121 Tailwind ASSD0121 FlexiPole Drive-Thru Handle $31.63
CST00159 Tailwind CST00159 Drive-Thru wall mount, use w/ASSD0121 $20.24
PRT00201 Tailwind PRT00201 Very High Bond (VHB) Adhesive Pad for FlexiPole Countertop Stands $1.22
PRT00201-10 Tailwind PRT00201-10 Adhesive Bond Disc (VHB), Pack of 10 $12.21
PRT00201-100 Tailwind PRT00201-100 3m adhesive pads, 100 pack $187.50
ASSB0121 Tailwind ASSB0121 FlexiPole Contour SafeBase (Estate Key) $51.28
ASS10103 Tailwind ASS10103 FlexiPole Complete SafeBase (Store Key) $51.25
ASS10123 Tailwind ASS10123 FlexiPole Complete SafeBase (Store Key) $51.25
ASS50101 Tailwind ASS50101 FlexiPole Connect SafeBase (Estate Key) $51.25
CST00120 Tailwind CST00120 XAC 8006 / FD 40 PEDPACK $8.86
KEN00148 Tailwind KEN00148 Kensington lock and tether $25.64
TAB10101 Tailwind TAB10101 FlexiPole Complete iPad Stand $117.65
TAB30101A Tailwind TAB30101A FlexiPole Complete iPad Stand $130.30
TABB0101 Tailwind TABB0101 Fixed iPad Stand Contour $117.65
CST00145 Tailwind CST00145 Verifone VX520 49mm paper roll $8.55
CST00155 Tailwind CST00155 Verifone VX675 Back Plate $9.14
367-0683-R-A Tailwind 367-0683-R-A Adhesive Glue Pad System, Center-Hole Swivel Bases, RoHS Compliant, REV A (5/09/2005) $7.33

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