Star TSP100III POS Receipt Printer

Star TSP100III WLAN POS Thermal Printer
  • Available with WLAN or LAN connectivity
  • High-Speed Printing at 43 Receipts per Minute (250mm/s)
  • "Push 'n' Connect" WPS connection
  • USB Type A Connector to power tablet and other mobile devices
  • Special De-Curl Function & Guillotine Auto-Cutter
  • "Drop-In & Print" Paper Loading
  • Revolutionary futurePRNT Receipt Design Software
  • Compatible with AllReceipts digital receipt app

Star TSP100III WLAN POS Thermal Printer

Star TSP100III POS Thermal Printer

Star Micronics presents the new TSP100III, the faster, easier, and better POS solution.  Already a leading player in the mPOS market, Star Micronics TSP100III is now offered with WLAN and LAN connectivity, supporting 802.11b/g/n with 2.4GHz, for an easy-to-use and ready-to-go installation.  The Star TSP100III now offers simple connection with a "Push 'n' Connect" WPS set-up for WLAN, and an easy Ethernet connection for the LAN version. The new thermal receipt printer is an upgrade to the TSP100, printing at almost twice the speed with a special de-curl function, and is fully compatible with its previous version, requiring no additional integration or development.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
39464710 Star 39464710 TSP143IIIW Thermal POS Printer, Gray, Auto-Cutter, WLAN, Internal P/S $293.04
39464810 Star 39464810 TSP143IIIW Thermal POS Printer, White, Auto-Cutter, WLAN, Intermal P/S $295.68
39464910 Star 39464910 TSP143IIILAN Thermal POS Printer, Gray, Auto-Cutter, Ethernet (LAN), Cable, Internal P/S $250.31
39472010 Star 39472010 TSP143IIILAN Thermal POS Printer, White, Auto-Cutter, Ethernet (LAN), Cable, Internal P/S $252.56
39472210 Star 39472210 TSP143IIIBI Thermal POS Printer, White, Bluetooth, Android, iOS, Windows, Internal P/S $308.00
39472110 Star 39472110 TSP143IIIBI Thermal POS Printer, Gray, Bluetooth, Android, iOS, Windows, Internal P/S $308.00
39472310 Star Micronics, TSP143IIIU GRY US, Thermal, Auto-Cutter, Device and MFi USB Ports, Gray, USB Cable Internal P/S $213.68
39472410 Star Micronics, TSP143IIIU WT US, Thermal, Auto-Cutter, Device and MFi USB Ports, White, USB Cable, Internal P/S $215.60


With included internal power supply, power cables, complete mounting kits, and paper roll, the Star TSP100III is the perfect printer for any mPOS bundle. Star has also added an additional USB type A connector for one convenient power source for your tablet or mobile device.  The TSP100III offers a small form factor for any sized counter-space and prints up to twice the speed of its previous generation at 43 receipts per minute. The high-speed, thermal printer also includes a guillotine auto-cutter and "drop-in & print" paper loading for even the busiest of retail and hospitality environments.

Combined with its powerful futurePRNT Windows software, users can enhance their printed receipts to add graphics (logos and coupons), multiple copies, or use the text processing function to replace printed information or trigger a coupon, and much, much more. The TSP100III can also be used with Star Micronics AllReceipts digital receipt app, allowing customers to manage their receipts digitally, and retailers to receive instant feedback on customer satisfaction.


All in One Box

All accessories included in the box with the printer

High Speed

Can print 45 six inch Receipts per Minute

High Reliability

MCBF: 60 Million Lines
Guillotine Auto Cutter: 1 Million Cuts

Small Foot Print

Save precious counter space

Embedded Power Supply

No more power brick, saving even more counter space

“Drop In & Print” Paper Loading

Clamshell design allows for very fast and easy paper loading

Recessed Cable Connections

Helps protect cables from being damaged on the counter top

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Use the printer in the orientation that suits you best. An optional eye-pleasing vertical stand (VS-T650) is available for vertical operation.

Wall Mountable

Need more counter space? Create more room by mounting the printer to the wall. The futurePRNT Configuration Utility allows for Text Reversal so the receipt is printed to face the user.

Digitally Signed Driver (WHQL)

Certified by Microsoft for worry free operation

futurePRNT Receipt Redesign Software

Customize and brand receipts to keep customers coming back time and time again with professional graphics (logos, coupons, and merge images), word-triggered advertising, and MORE!


futurePRNT Configuration Utility

Included on Installation CD, free, simple to use, provides a powerful marketing tool to brand receipts and give customers incentive to return

Add Graphics

Easily add logos, coupons, merge images, and more

Target Marketing

Assign key words to trigger coupons based off of what customers purchase to keep them returning

Text Replacement

Easily replace unwanted text with other words or white space

Enhance Barcodes

Adjust barcode size for professional looking receipts

Print Preview Tool

See an image of your receipt design before you print it, thus saving paper in the receipt design phase

Electronic Journal

Keep an electronic record of all transactions saved directly to your PC organized by date. Save paper by reducing the need for an extra copy

Text Reversal

Reverse the entire receipt for vertical orientation; when the receipt is printed, it will be presented front-side up to the user

OPOS/JPOS Configuration

Very easily configure for OPOS or JPOS use

Virtual Serial Port to USB

Use a USB connection with old software. Create a Virtual Serial Port to support older applications that only communicate via serial. This tool will convert serial commands to USB, which the TSP100 understands

Virtual Serial Port to Ethernet

Use an ethernet connection with old software. Create a Virtual Serial Port to support older applications that only communicate via serial. This tool will convert serial commands to ethernet, which the TSP100LAN understands.

* The Virtual Serial Port to Ethernet is available only on the TSP100LAN printer.


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