RF IDeas pcProx Proximity Card and Badge Reader

RF IDeas pcProx Proximity Card and Badge Reader

RF IDeas pcProx Proximity Card and Badge Reader

  • PC/LAN Access Control
  • Application Log-On
  • Employee Identification
  • PLC and Embedded Controllers
  • Manufacturing
  • OEM
  • Time and Attendance
  • Meeting Attendance, Visitor Management
  • Hoteling
  • Secure Printing
  • Point of Sale
  • Dispensing
  • Mobile
  • Physical Access

RFIDeas Parts and Accessories

RF IDeas pcProx Proximity Card and Badge Reader

RF IDeas’ pcProx Enroll card readers are designed for customers seeking to leverage their existing card system for applications beyond building access. These readers are engineered and designed to work with nearly all proximity and contactless smart card technologies. The 13.56 MHz model is compatible with most contactless smart cards and the 125 kHz proximity model provides error-free identification for over 300 million physical access cards in use worldwide.

Featuring plug-n-play functionality, no required software, and embedded configurable flash memory, these readers are ready to integrate with nearly all operating systems, applications, and embedded controllers.

The pcProx 82 Series reader integrates into your software or hardware product through the use of the RF IDeas Universal Software Developer’s Kit (SDK). In contrast to the Enroll readers, the 82 Series use a callable DLL or other direct integration methods rather than keystroking (emulating a keyboard device). These low cost readers deliver the card ID in a format that applications recognize, offering nearly limitless possibilities for user identification and authentication.

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RDR-6082AKU RF IDeas RDR-6082AKU pcProx 125 kHz 82 Series HID Prox Pearl Desktop USB $75.16
RDR-80582AKU RF IDeas RDR-80582AKU pcProx Plus Enroll Black USB Reader, 82 Series, Multi-Frequency, Multi-Chipset $85.53
RDR-6081AKU RF IDeas, Proximity Reader, USB Black, HID, 6FT Cable $136.13
RDR-6081AK5 RF IDeas, RF IDeas Reader, pcProx Reader, HID Reader Power Over RS232 $146.78
RDR-6081AK0 RF IDeas, pcProx HID, RFID Reader, CDC Reader, USB Virtual COM, HID $136.13
RDR-6281AKU RF IDeas, pcProx CASI USB Reader $147.02
RDR-6381AKU RF IDeas, Proximity Reader, USB INDALA Card Compatible $136.13
RDR-6081AK2 RF IDeas, pcProx HID RS232 Reader $146.78
RDR-6E81AKU RF IDeas, pcProx EM USB Reader $136.13
RDR-6081AK7 RF IDeas, RF IDeas Reader, pcProx, RS232 9V REG Reader $146.78
RDR-6781AKU RF IDeas, Proximity Reader KANTECH, IOPROX, USB $136.13
RDR-6981AKU RF IDeas, pcProx AWID USB Reader $136.13
RDR-6N81AK7 RF IDeas, pcProx NEXWATCH RS2329V Reader, Requires Power Supply LPS-09V100MA-Wall $146.78
RDR-6381AK2 RF IDeas, pcProx INDALA 26 BIT RS 232 Reader $146.78
RDR-6281AK7 RF IDeas, pcProx, RF IDeas Reader, CASI RS232 9V Regulated Reader, Plug and Play $146.78
RDR-6E81AK2 RF IDeas, RF IDeas Reader, pcProx Reader, EM pcProx RS232 Reader $146.78
RDR-6281AK2 RF IDeas, pcProx CASI, RF IDeas Reader, RS232, 5V $146.78
RDR-6081APU RF IDeas, HID PROX, RF IDeas Reader, USB W/ Cable, PEARL $136.13
RDR-60D1AKU RF IDeas, pcProx HID , RFID Reader, USB Dongle $120.92
RDR-6381AKE RF IDeas, pcProx Reader Ethernet INDALA Compatible $239.57
RDR-60E1AKU RF IDeas, pcProx HID Express Card Enroll Series Reader $136.13
RDR-6381AK8 RF IDeas, pcProx 125 kHz Indala Black Desktop Serial 5V Ext Power Supply RS232 $146.78
RDR-6082AKU-C16 RF IDeas, pcProx 82 Series HID Prox Black 16 Inch USB Reader $75.16
RDR-6082AKU-C06 RF IDeas, pcProx 82 Series HID Prox Black 6 Inch USB Reader $75.16
RDR-7F81AKU RF IDeas RFI pcProx Enroll Felicia, Black, USB Reader $136.13
RDR-6081AK9 RF IDeas RFI, pcProx Enroll, HID Prox, Black, 5V USB Power Tap, RS232 Reader $146.78
RDR-5365EGP00 RF IDeas HID MiniProx Gray Pigtail Wiegand Reader RDR-5365EGP00 $200.48
RDR-805W2AK0 RF IDeas PCProx Plus 82 Series Surface Mount Black USB Virtual COM Reader RDR-805W2AK0 $85.53
RDR-7082BKU-C06 RF IDeas, pcProx 82 Series HID iClass ID# with SE Black USB Reader, 6 Foot Cable $105.39
RDR-5455BGN RF IDeas, ProxPro II, Reader, HID , 12V, Wiegand, Gray $209.39
KT-80581AKU4 RF IDeas, pcProx Plus Enroll Black USB Reader and 241C $262.38
KT-805W1AK0-IP67 RF IDeas KT-805W1AK0-IP67 pcProx Plus Enroll Surface Mount IP67 Black USB Virtual COM Reader $193.93
RDR-7085AK0 RF IDeas RDR-7085AK0 pcProx Playback HID iClass Black USB Virtual COM Reader $125.49
RDR-7582AKU-C06 RF IDeas RDR-7582AKU-C06 RF IDeas, pcProx 82 Series 13.56MHZ CSN Black, 6 Inch USB Reader $74.96
KT-805W1AK2-IP67 RF Ideas KT-805W1AK2-IP67 pcProx Plus Enroll Black Wall-Mount 5v PS-2 RS232 Reader with IP67 $209.14
RDR-805N1AKU RF Ideas RDR-805N1AKU pcProx Plus Non-Housed USB $136.13
RDR-80081AKU-C16 RF IDeas RDR-80081AKU-C16 pcProx Plus Enroll with IClass ID Black 16 Inch USB Reader $158.95
RDR-80081AK8 RF IDeas, pcProx Plus Enroll with ICLASS ID Black 5V EXT P.S. RS232 Reader $169.60
RDR-6081AKU-C16 RF IDeas RDR-6081AKU-C16 pcProx Enroll USB Reader for HID prox with 16 Inch Cable $136.13
RDR-80081AKU RF IDeas RDR-80081AKU pcProx Plus Enroll with iClass ID Black USB Reader $158.95

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