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BSE-PCPRX-SNR RF IDeas BSE-PCPRX-SNR Sonar Presence Detector, No Software, Auto Locking Sensor, USB Interface, Includes Mounting Bracket $62.80
OEM-W2USB-V3 RF IDeas OEM-W2USB-V3 Wiegand Converter, RF IDeas, Wiegand to USB $131.19
LPS-9V670MAMULTIPLUG RF IDeas LPS-9V670MAMULTIPLUG Linear Power Supply, Wall Mount, Multiplug 9V, 670MA, 2.1MM Female Connector $15.11
KT-SHBKT RF IDeas KT-SHBKT Desktop Reader Bracket $7.95
BDG-1351 RF IDeas BDG-1351 Prox Pass, RFID, Active Proximity Tag, HID 1351, 10 per Pack, Sold per Each Tag $30.05
BDG-PLS-MF1K-S RF IDeas BDG-PLS-MF1K-S MIFARE ID Small, RFID, Small Prox Badge Label $1.60
C-6200AKE-P RF IDeas C-6200AKE-P RS232 Serial to Ethernet Converter POE $210.69
MAT-FR2436AKU RF IDeas MAT-FR2436AKU pcProx Mat Fine Ribbed 24IN X 36IN Black USB Presence Detector $424.99
BDG-2060 RF IDeas BDG-2060 iCLASS Model 2060, RFID, Adhesive Tag, 2K, 100 Pack $3.38
BDG-2062 RF IDeas BDG-2062 iCLASS Model 2062, RFID, 16K bits with 16 APP Tags, Sold per Each Tag, Call for Pack Size $5.82
BDG-506-N RF IDeas BDG-506-N VINYL Badge Holder, Vertical, Minimum Order Quantity IS 50 Units $0.49
BDG-CTW-MIFARE-1K RF IDeas BDG-CTW-MIFARE-1K MIFARE Coin Tag, RFID Prox Tag, Minimum Order 100 Units $1.70
BDG-FOB-MIFARE-1K RF IDeas BDG-FOB-MIFARE-1K MIFARE KeyFob, RFID, Blue/Must Order A Minimum of 100 $1.60
BDG-PSK-3 RF IDeas BDG-PSK-3 Pyramid KeyFob, 26 bit FC 3/100 MIN $4.21
BKT-ANGLE RF IDeas BKT-ANGLE Sonar Mounting Bracket for Use with the pcProx Sonar Device, Includes Sonar Bracket with Adhesive Strips $3.98
C-N11NCK4 RF IDeas C-N11NCK4 Ethernet 241 Converter USB & Pin 9 Serial with Power Supply $131.97
KT-CARDANALYZER RF IDeas KT-CARDANALYZER Card Analyzer Combo 125 KHZ & 13.56MHz $247.82
KT-FLAT RF IDeas KT-FLAT Flat Bracket Mounting kit, pcProx, Black, Includes (1) Flat Bracket, (2) #4 Screws, (2) Foam Tape Squares, Intructions $4.39
KT-IP67 RF IDeas KT-IP67 IP67 Mounting Kits $52.47
LPS-12V500MA-WALL RF IDeas LPS-12V500MA-WALL Wall Unit, RFID Reader, 12V Regulated Power Supply $20.48
C-6200AKE RF IDeas C-6200AKE Accessory, Serial to IP Converter $131.97
MISC-USBPS2 RF IDeas MISC-USBPS2 RF IDeas Cable Adapter, PS/2 to USB $7.95
OEM-OPTW RF IDeas OEM-OPTW RF IDeas Wiegand Splitter $158.48
OEM-W2RS232-V3M RF IDeas OEM-W2RS232-V3M Wiegand Converter, RF Ideas, Wiegand to Serial, No Relay $119.27
BDG-506-T1 RF IDeas BDG-506-T1 Vinyl Badge Holder, Horizontal, Must be Ordered in Quantities of 100 $0.53
BDG-RKE2 RF IDeas BDG-RKE2 pcProx Remote Keyless Entry 315MHz Transponder $31.79
LPS-05V241PS-M RF IDeas LPS-05V241PS-M Power Supply and Adaptor for Multiplug 5V, 1A 2.1MM ID X 5.5MMOD X 9.5MM Female $15.11
OEM-W2RS485-V3 RF IDeas OEM-W2RS485-V3 Wiegand to RS485 Serial Converter $139.14
KT-HIP2ADP-HP RF IDeas KT-HIP2ADP-HP HIP2 Adaptor Ring Packaged with 7 Inch HP Connector Cable $5.57
BDG-1324GAV2 RF Ideas BDG-1324GAV2 HID PVC Label With Adhesive Back 1324GAV21 $1.66
BDG-2050 RF IDeas BDG-2050 iCLASS Model 2050, RFID, Key Fob 2K, Sold per Each $5.01
KT-SIM-SE RF IDeas KT-SIM-SE SIM for HID iClass IS, SE and Seos for HIP2 Reader $35.94
OEM-805N2AKU RF Ideas OEM-805N2AKU pcProx Plus 82 Series OEM Module for USB Reader $73.85
CAB-NEWPROX-W-72 RF IDeas CAB-NEWPROX-W-72 USB CM Cable 6FT T-Drum Strain Relief $11.94
HSG-WALLCOVER-B RF IDeas HSG-WALLCOVER-B Wall Mount Housing Standard Black Color, Must be purchased with part HSG-WALLPLATE-B $4.57
HSG-WALLPLATE-B RF IDeas HSG-WALLPLATE-B Back Cover to Wall Mounting Housing Standard Black Color, Must be purchased with part HSG-WALLCOVER-B $4.57
HSG-WALLPLATE RF IDeas HSG-WALLPLATE Back Cover for Wall Mounting Housing White Color, Must be purchased with part HSG-WALLCOVER $4.57
HSG-WALLCOVER RF IDeas HSG-WALLCOVER Wall Mounting Housing White Color, Must be purchased with part HSG-WALLPLATE $4.57
BDG-RKE1 RF Ideas BDG-RKE1 pcProx Remote Keyless Entry 315MHz Transponder $31.79
BDG-525-TR RF IDeas BDG-525-TR RFI, Retractable Badge Holder for Slotted Cards, Blue $1.54

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